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SOS Everyday Skin Care for moms

I find it so difficult to stick to a basic skin care regime these days. Need some idea/motivation for an easy skin care regime.
Any products you can recommend? 

Re: SOS Everyday Skin Care for moms

  • I feel the same but trust me sticking to a good skincare regime is very important. You can either do a cleanser, toner and moisturizer drill or if you can spare 15 minutes try this simple effective regime which was recommended to me by one of my Asian friends. I use only organic or very mild products.

    You can use products based on your skin type.

    1. Cleanser (A mineral or plant oil based one – (I prefer using IASO Moringa seed oil and Moroccan clay based cleanser)
    2. Skin Booster (helps in better absorption of products . I use Neutrogena)
    3. Toner (most toners work I prefer the SK-2 version quite pricey but effective)
    4. Emulsion or Moisturizer (emulsions give a more dewy look . I use Sulwahsoo).
  • I can't help much, simce I haven't really encountered the whole Acne, dry skin, etc., bits. However, I usually use Luke warm water, and a facial soap if needed. Usually, I'm lucky enough to use a soft dish towel, and warm water. Afterwards, I use Cocoa Butter lotion for my face, stomach, hips, legs, hands, and arms. The cocoa butter has also seemed to help with the dark circles, and tired look on my eyes. But each person is different! :)
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