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Dr.Takagi Southside OBGYN

Just had to switch doctors. Not finding very many reviews on her but my previous doctor seems to think I will love her. My first appointment with her is next week & I am 16 weeks pregnant right now, will be 17 then. Has anyone on here heard of here or had her as their doctor?! I am switching because my doctor did not do C sections & after my son the doctors believe I should not go vaginally again.

Re: Dr.Takagi Southside OBGYN

  • I've not heard of her personally, but Southside OBGYN is an awesome place :) the staff is very professional and caring. I went there when I was pregnant with my first son, I go to Indiana OBGYN now because my doctor I had with my first son is there now, but I'm sure you'll have a great experience here. :) Are you delivering at St Francis South?
  • I see Dr. Dobbs regularly for this pregnancy & my first... I've seen Takagi a few times while he was on vacation & she is an awesome dr. I would totally recommend her!
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