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I've posted in this subject before, but....
my LO sleeps in bed with me at night. He sleeps in the crib fine for his naps during the day. At night however he's attached to me. Literally!!! Since birth really he has nursed throughout the night. At one point, his longest stretch was 4 hours, then every 2 after that. Now, he's wanting me to hold him and nurses every hour!!! And he won't take the pacifier at night, only me!
Needless to say, I'm exhausted and getting frustrated.
I would like to transition him to be in the crib. I don't want him to cry and be miserable. It's so hard!!!!

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  • Sooo hard, but I think it's necessary for both of you to have some alone time. Our kiddo has been in his crib since 4 weeks and it's exhausting getting up to nurse every two hours but now he's sleeping 11 hours a night alone in his crib. At six months he was still waking up frequently to eat but would go for long stretches so I knew he was capable of doing it he just chose to cry until I came in to nurse. That's when we decided to let him (kind of) CIO, which we were completely against but we hit a breaking point. We were going to try the going in every fifteen minutes being farther away each time but not picking him up. We were able to listen about 7 minutes of crying and then went in (we are both softies) but rubbed his head and sang to him without picking up or feeding and he fell asleep and we have done that every night since, most nights I lay him down and he doesn't need me to rub it sing. I suggest trying your peanut in the crib and letting him cry a little and seeing if he can put himself to sleep. Most things I've read say after six months they are capable of soothing themselves to sleep. Especially since he should already associate the crib with sleep since he takes naps in there! It's worth a shot for your sanity, in the long run a little crying especially at this age is totally worth teaching kiddo how to sleep, I've heard the longer we wait the harder it is to teach good sleep habits. You got this! You've taken great care of him for so long that now you deserve a little time to yourself and with your hubby!!!! Good luck momma!
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    Sounds like to are ready to make a change momma. It will do you and your LO a lot of good to have your own space and rest at night. This will definatley be a change for the both of you but it doesn't have to be super stressful. He most certianly does not have to be miserble. In fact after a few nights of teaching him and getting him used to it he will proably be in much better spirits as he will have much more restful sleep. 

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