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13 month old sleep issues

My guy has been great going to bed. We ditched the bedtime milk about two months ago and he has coped really well with it. He gets his milk before his bath, and then we brush his teeth. Well, a few times last week and now the past two nights, he has cried for a half an hour to an hour before going to sleep. Last night we were going on an hour and I caved and gave him a cup of milk. It did the trick. My question is: is he going through a growth spurt, having separation anxieties, or is it sleep regression? If he really needs the extra calories, I don't want to deny it, but at the same time I don't want to fall back into old habits we worked hard on breaking -- i don't want milk at bedtime to be his crutch to fall asleep. Any suggestions or similar experiences? I know he is tired because when I go in there every 5, 10, 15 minutes, etc, he is practically diving into his mattress head first, rolling around like a little drunk crazy person, like he wants to sleep but is fighting it so badly. Thanks, and Imappreciate any insight!

Re: 13 month old sleep issues

  • Can you try a sip of water after brushing teeth? My kiddos have never associated bottles with bed, but after we brush teeth, we always give them a drink of water. Mainly because I always need water after I brush my teeth - dries out the mouth! Haha! Just a thought? I guess if I doesn't work you could try a small bottle during a story and then bed? good luck!
  • I always offer water during story time. He usually takes a sip or two, and then gets a song and gets put in the crib after stories. Never had such resistance like I have over the last few days! Last night was a little better. Only 10-15 minutes of crying on and off during his music. I think it might be a little sleep regression.
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  • I bet it is a regression or a phase. Try to stick it out if you can. Just make sure to brush those teeth after the milk!

  • I find this happens to us when she has teeth moving around getting ready to cut. Sometimes they won't cut for a few weeks after the sleep issues. But it always happens this way.
  • We're going through the same thing with my daughter! We're just sticking it out and not giving her milk. Here come a couple more sleepless nights! lol
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