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Baby jogger vs Graco Click connect travel system stroller

so I registered for and got the Graco stylus travel system with snugride 35 which comes with infant carrier. But I think I changed my mind since I tried maneuvering a friend's baby jogger city mini (think that's the name of the single stroller) and it seemed so easy to maneuver with the 3 wheels. Went to BRU yesterday and they showed me the new Graco Downton TS stroller which comes with infant carrier & car seat all in one and seemed easy to maneuver too. This is so overwhelming! Any moms with any experience or insight?

Re: Baby jogger vs Graco Click connect travel system stroller

  • I tired both at BRU. I didnt really like either. I really fell in love with the Graco Fast Action Fold Travel Set which comes with the Click Connect 35 car seat. It was honestly the easiest to use, fold, the tires are air filled which makes it much easier to manouver and the seat is great. My cousin used the City Mini and she's tried mine and has said it seems a lot easier then hers.
  • I had the graco travel system with my first and would have definitely gone with a city mini if I could do it over again. Travel system is fine for a walk through the mall, but it is hard to navigate at the park/outdoors.
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  • I have the Graco Snugride click connect 35 seat and just bought the fast action fold stroller (4 wheel version - not jogging style). I have only pushed the stroller through my house, but it is nice and light and super easy to maneuver. It is also super easy to fold up.
  • I was trying to decide on the graco downton, but ended up going with a chicco because it was easier for me to maneuver and collapse. The downton also felt really wide with the infant carrier attached to it.
  • We got the Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System and love it! Super easy to fold up and set back up and click the baby carrier in, and I love the mobility. My friend with a 1-year-old has the same stroller and has loved it.
  • I have the city mini gt and absolutely love it! I'm a small person so the fact that it's super light I can hold it with one hand is amazing to me plus the wheels on the GT are all terrain and super easy to maneuver I was pretty much in love with and set in that stroller from the beginning
  • I got the Graco Click Connect Jogger Travel System from Babies R Us with my baby shower gift cards and I love it! Of course I haven't used it yet because I still have a few weeks left until I'm due. It is really easy to maneuver and I love how easy I can just click the car seat into it. Oh and it comes with an iPod holder so baby can watch a movie if she gets fussy when we're out and about. 
  • I bought the baby jogger city mini travel system. I had tried out a lot of different strollers and I felt like that one maneuvered around so much better!
  • We got a Graco Click Connect; at the Navy Exchange, it was about $100 cheaper than at Target, etc. 
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    We looked at the Graco systems and then separately, but in the end, we weren't impressed with the quality and how easy they moved. In the end, we went with a Chico car seat and the Bob jogging stroller. That whole get up cost a pretty penny, but there's no reason why we can't keep it for number 2 and 3.
  • I'm putting in a kind word for Graco as well.  DH had to cut our latch belt out of the car because it was too tight to remove, when we called to get a new one we were told that it was a set (didn't come separately) and our warranty was expired. Basically, we would have had to purchase an entirely new base just for the latch belt.  

    Graco ended up just sending us a brand new base and all we had to do was send our original back. I was seriously impressed with their customer service, they didn't have to do that. 
  • I got the baby johger citi mini gt, haven't used it with baby yet just in the store testing and around the house and I love it! It moves easily and has the all terrain wheels which my husband loves. We got an attachment to make it compatible with our britax infant car seat. It folds up so easily by just pulling a strap with one hand. Definitely recommend it!
  • I bought the click connect from graco. And I got the jogger stroller. I purchased them separately. Heads up though, if you're committed to the click connect, get it fast because I've seen a lot of them on clearance now in a few stores. I don't know what that means for manufacturing but it could be discontinued. It made me nervous so I bought all the stuff I might need to fit the system for now and the future, at least for this baby.
  • We bought the Graco Click Connect jogger (my runner friends loved theirs or the BOB) and the Baby Jogger City Mini with adapters for the Graco car seat. Both were super easy to assemble and I liked that the Graco jogger was a bit heavier so when I walk with baby and our dog, it's not going to go flying. I also discovered with the city mini that the entire seat comes off if you aren't using it, so I plan to remove it before we take it to Florida with us at the end of October for a friend's wedding so it doesn't get ruined. 
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