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back to work in 1month...:(

 So I will be getting back at work when baby turns 3 months. It's my second baby so yes I am going to feel super bad again :/. What is also not helping is my sister. She tells me some things that makes me feek like if I am a bad mother for going back to work and not being with my baby. I've been feeling like crap because i wish i didn't had to work but i have to. There's no way in hell i want my mother in law moving in with us because we do not get along when we are together for toooo long. I guess I am just trying to find some kind of support through the internet instead of my sister since she always pictures me as the bad mother, eventhough she says that is not what she meant but I am sorry! when you say things like " you're trying to avoid your baby" sounds pretty much like if I don't want my kids! and that's pretty F'D up from her because I love my kids and she knows it.....Any advice or anything would help from any of you ladies. Thank you!! :(

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Re: back to work in 1month...:(

  • That is really terrible. You have to do what you have to do. Don't let your sister influence you on what is best for YOUR family. And if she continues to make snarky comments just tell her straight up that you cannot afford to go so many months supporting two children without a monthly income. It is just not possible.

    Does your sister have any children? If so, ask her how long she took off work and how she managed to do so without her regular salary to contribute. If not, ask her for suggestions on how she would come up with the money that she would be missing by not working. Make her think as if she was in your situation and maybe she will realize that you have thought this through and you are doing what you need to do.
  • I guess... Don't listen to your sister because she sounds rude. Lots of moms work. I don't see what she is trying to accomplish by making you feel bad about being a working mom.
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  • Sorry about your sister, that's awful.  I can relate a little bit as my mother has the same views.  I come back at her with statistics.  Like, did you know that if one parent stops working, your marriage is 50% more likely to end in divorce (something that would not be ideal for the child either), or other stats like how much money you would potentially be giving up if you left the office place for even a short period of time.  People fail to realize that you are not just giving up the salary that you take home, but also your future salary (i.e. raises) as well as contributions to your 401k.  If you have the time, I highly recommend reading the book Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg.  She discusses just how hard it is to juggle work and family life and still being successful. The book is full of other stats and you can educate your sister as to why it is actually very beneficial for you, as a mother, to work. 

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