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New baby and toddler in Preschool

Our second son was born 2 weeks ago at 37 weeks 1 day and spent 1 week in the NICU due to pneumonia. The NICU doctors said he'd have no long term effects. Now I'm a nervous wreck because our three year old came home from preschool/ daycare with a fever of 101. The fever was gone within a day but now I'm paranoid the baby will get sick.

Has anyone had a sick child in daycare with a newborn? Did the newborn get sick? I'm pumping/ supplementing hoping that will reduce the chance of a fever.

Re: New baby and toddler in Preschool

  • I don't yet, but this is something I am fully anticipating.  Kids get sick...especially kids in daycare.  My daughter has gone through phases where it felt like she was constantly coming home with something. My husband and I usually caught it in some shape or form, so I imagine it will be the same when we have a baby with a weaker immune system.  I completely understand why you're stressed and would be too if my NICU baby was facing his or her first illness.  Just keep an eye on baby and take him or her to the doctor if their showing signs of getting sick.  good luck!


  • Yes, not with a newborn, but my older daughter started preschool when my younger daughter was almost 1. We were all sick all winter long with everything- stomach flu, colds, etc. but I was nursing the whole time and I think that helped. It is hard, but you can do it. Just invest in a ton of Lysol and those Clorox wipes.
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