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Just labeled High Risk

Hello. I am very new here so please bare with me. I am 12.5 weeks pregnant and just got out of the hospital after being diagnosed with multiple pe's. It started with dvt in my left leg..three clots to be exact. I was put on twice a day lovenox shots and less than a week later went to the er after coughing up blood..only to find multiple clots in my lungs. I spent a week in the hospital on a heparin iv. I am now back on lovenox and am scared of forming more clots. This has been a pretty miserable pregnancy with being sick, depressed, and now the clotting. Now, i am getting the same feeling of clotting in my right calf, and am praying it's not more clots. I guess what i am looking for is other women who have dealt with similar situations and how you coped with it all. Any help will do.

Re: Just labeled High Risk

  • I had clots similar to yours but after delivery with my first pregnancy but your body is still considered pregnant for 6 weeks after birth. It was a very anxious time in my life and every time I felt a pain in my legs or my lungs I would immediately think it was another clot. All I can say is trust your body and if you think it's a clot go get checked. Better safe then sorry. Hugs and prayers for you and your little one.
  • You need to ask about an IVC filter...considering you're still clotting on lovenox I think it would be a good option for you.
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