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How many dirty diapers/FF

DD has been having 3-4 dirty diapers a day- far more than she's ever had before. Exclusively FF.  Does this seem like a lot?  She's also having reflux and spitting/throwing up a lot.

Re: How many dirty diapers/FF

  • My little one rarely goes once every other day. I plan to talk to the Dr this week at our appointment. What kind of formula? I know some are very simply structured (already broken down proteins) so they are very easily digested. My daughter also spits up a ton.. On my list to ask!
  • I have twins: DS is taking Similac Neosure (he was a preemie) and he poops every other day with some help from Dr-prescribed Miralax (he gets very constipated and strains/cries without it). DD is on a special order low-iron / low-potassium formula & poops 3-4 times per day. I've heard & it's been my experience that "normal" is what your LO generally experiences & not what other same-age kiddos do since there is so much variation from baby to baby. Since it sounds as if this is a change from your LO's norm, I would definitely run it by the Dr.
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