First time mum having a C section and freaking!!!

Im absolutely freaking out about having this c section! It's not the fact that I having a operation per say as I have had many over the years! It's the fact that I will be awake and knowing that behind the sheet is my blood and guts hanging outside my body!!!! I'm also worried about having an epidural put in while I'm awake....I don't trust myself to stay still! I'm also concerned about my stress levels causing harm and stress to the baby! Any advice?

Re: First time mum having a C section and freaking!!!

  • The epidural usually goes in while you're awake. Regardless. You bend over a pillow, a nurse is often there for you. It's a burning sensation going in but then you're done!
    You won't move where it matters during the procedure. Trust me.
    Don't think about blood and guts (trust me - that's the last thing I thought of with my last 2) think of omg I'm going to see my baby in a few minutes. A planned csection is a very calm process. They talk you through everything.
    And... Being awake for the procedure means you get to meet your baby in super quick time and hopefully hold him/her within a few minutes barring medical complications.
    It will be fine. Good luck!!!
  • ^wss. I had a planned cs and can honestly say I can't remember any pain getting the epi. I think my doc said they numb the area first. And the nurse that was standing in front of me was amazing. She talked to me and held me like I was the most important person. Totally took my mind off things. Being numb is a very weird sensation. And really you forget about what's on the other side of the curtain. I was too busy puking and talking to the doctors and my husband. All of a sudden there is this little pissed off cry. It's really funny. You'll be surprised how quickly you "man" up when it counts the most!!
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  • I didn't get an epidural, I got a spinal block, but it is administered very similarly. It wasn't bad. I also had a nurse stand in front of me to help me make sure I was leaning forward far enough and keep my mind off what was going on behind me. It didn't last long at all till it was done and they were lying me back down.
    You can do this! Just focus on hearing the cry of your baby, then meeting him/her!
  • I agree with all the previous posters.  I just had a planned c-section in early July with my first baby.  The most nerve-wracking thing for me was walking into the room and seeing the table and all the people.  (My fiance was still in prep in another room at the time.)  Yes, the spinal can be a little intimidating, but, like the others, I had a great nurse who took care of me.  It's really not that bad.  Just a quick pinch.

    Personally, I felt a little out of it during the procedure itself and really didn't think about what was going on.  My fiance was with me the whole time and even volunteered to stay with me after baby was out.  (I told him to go with the baby.)  It was over before I knew it.  The only other part that was kinda cruddy was, after baby was out, I was kinda alone there (or at least felt that way) until they were ready to bring her over.  It seemed like a long time, but really it was probably only 10 minutes.

    Good luck!
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  • I was really scared about several things:
    1) the epidural
    2) having a panic attack during the surgery

    So the reality was:

    1) the epi sucks mostly because is it awkward. They numb it first, so it just feels like someone pushing you. That was the worst part for me, and it's over super quickly. Just breathe and go to your happy place. :)

    2) I told the anesthesiologist that I was nervous and she gave me a quick shot through the IV. I was immediately fine and stayed that way.

    3) I asked for antinausea medicine while being prepped. They gave it to me and I was fine.

    Bonus: you will have the anesthesiologist sitting next to you. Keep her update on your status and she will make you as comfortable as possible.

    Good luck.
  • It was the most surreal experience of my life! Mine was an emergency persay but it definitely wasn't planned! My baby was breech and six weeks early and only 2 lbs 13 ozs due to high bp and severe preeclampsia. I am one who is constantly fidgety and jumpy and I was fine during the epidural. Once that's in your completely numb and cannot feel anything! It was terrifying going into it but looking back at it now, it was so quick and the doctors and nurses in there are great! Mine were joking around with each other and me and it really made me forget my doctor was elbow deep in my uterus! My recovery has been great too! I'm barely a week post partum and I still need pain killers but even from the beginning it wasn't the worst pain I've ever been in. My advice (the advice from all my nurses some of who have had multiple sections) is to stay on top of your pain. My prescription was Percocet and 600mg Motrin. The Percocet is every 4 hrs but the Motrin is every 6. I just take them together every 6 hours. As long as I take them I feel pretty great. Make sure to listen to your body and don't do too much, rest and relax as much as possible!
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