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Looking into seeing a midwife....my OBGYN just seems too busy. Any thoughts???

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  • Who is your OB? IU has midwives...Sharon and Ann are the two that most women like.
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  • Thanks for the reply! =) Madura is my OBGYN and I love her but my appts. get bumped often and she has yet to be the doc. on call when I go into labor(this will be #3), which I understand is beyond her control. Just curious if any ladies have had experience with the midwives at IU Health. =)
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  • That's the unfortunate part of the OB world, you never know when you'll go into labor or the other patients of your OB will. The midwives also rotate being on call and will leave during office hours if they get a patient in labor at the hospital which result in appointments being bumped or rescheduled. I do not have a personal experience with a midwife but I do work in those departments at the hospital.
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  • I see Sharon at IU and I love her! My friend gave birth this past Febuary and I was there with her. Letitia was the midwife on call that morning and she was awesome as well!
  • All of the midwives there work well together and you can make prenatal appointments with all of them so you get to know all 3 of them. That way when you go into labor, you know one of the three will be there.
  • That's a good idea to see them all before going into labor. Thanks so much!!! =)
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