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I have 3 boys, 11 and 3 yr old twins and all 3 were very healthy at birth but around 3 to 4 months old they all had RSV. With my 11 yr old, being my first child I ignorantly listened to the advice of others when he started to get sick around Christmas time, he was only 4 months old and I was very stressed because he wasn't eating right or urinating very much and by the time I took him to the hospital he was diagnosed with not only RSV but also bronchitis and pneumonia as well and we spent 2 weeks in the hospital with him so with my twins I was very obsessed with hand washing before anyone could touch them and kept them home as much as possible so that they didn't have to go through the hell that my older son had gone through. Well it didn't work, I noticed the signs of RSV very quickly with them and they only spent a week in the hospital but they still caught the virus and had to be poked with needles and catheters and all that stress for a week. I'm not really sure how to keep this from happening with my new little one and with him being born at the same time of year as my other boys I am really stressing about it. Just wondering if anyone else has advice on preventing this or treating it before it comes to being admitted to the hospital. I have spoke to a pediatrician about it but unfortunately the only answer I have gotten is that it's a virus and there's nothing you can do.


  • There is a vaccine available October through April but it's usually given under special circumstances and isn't always covered by insurance and it is costly. My nephew got it monthly because he was premature but my sister had to fight to get it for him.

    Otherwise I would say you probably did everything you could with the twins. If they are in daycare I think RSV is just a fact of life, and if not then maybe this LO will be the lucky one to not get it this year.
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  • The only additional advice my pedi gave me when DD1 was born besides good hand washing is to tell people no kisses and if they just couldn't resist, kissing the feet was the safest option. She was only 2-3 months at the height of RSV season. Hopefully you guys avoid it with this LO.

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  • I had no idea there even was a vaccine for it. Maybe with having 3 siblings who caught it and were in the hospital with it will be a good enough reason for insurance to pay...gotta be cheaper than the hospital stay and all the nebulizer medicine that the insurance pays for, thank you.
  • I work in a children's hospital so I am overly aware and concerned of RSV as well. There is basically nothing you can do to prevent it but good hand hygiene helps and the immunization is super super expensive and reserved for those preterm (don't quote me but I think born at 34 weeks or under) so insurance I doubt would pay for it! The only way to keep your child from getting it would be placing them in a plastic bubble from October-March.

    If they do come down with RSV the best treatment is keeping them hydrated, humidified, and suctioning them out before feedings and as needed. Usually days 3-5 of the virus are the worst and breastfed babies typically do better and are less symptomatic.
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