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Delivery fears!

i am 40 yrs old and 29 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first child is 19 yrs old and I delivered her vaginally... Labor 10 mins.

Re: Delivery fears!

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    Hi and welcome.

    Is your fear around something imparticular? Your labour could be even faster? You're older so it might not be as easy? Something else?

    To my mind the fact that you've birthed vaginally before without issues suggests there's no reason you can't do it again, but that labour is always unpredictable and there is a degree of luck.

    Best wishes to you!
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    I contracted herpes 19 years ago and I don't want to hurt my baby during vaginal delivery. I take medicine daily to suppress outbreaks. My fear is hurting my baby vaginally or the alternative birth through C-section.
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    Don't worry about that! OBs are well versed in these issues. You are far from the only mom to be out there with this issue. I believe the stats are 1 in 5 adults have herpes!
    From what I gather you will take suppression medication for the last month. Or just continue as you are taking it daily. I guess there is a possibility of there being an outbreak anyway but you will be checked while you're in labor and they will keep your baby safe. If C section happens you will be fine :)
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