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Irish twins anyone!?

I have a 5.5 month old and (surprise) we are pregnant again! Our daughter was born February 13th, 2015 and we are due January 19th, 2016! We are so thrilled, but we know 'busy' doesn't even begin to describe the new year! Any advice?

Re: Irish twins anyone!?

  • I have two sets of Irish twins in my family. It may be a difficult adjustment, but it'll work itself out :) 
  • I decided to google "Irish twins" to find some cute images, but I found out it's actually a derogatory term. Sorry Irish people!! I'm a Bostonian so I have lots of love for the Irish community :)
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  • I have a 6 month old, born Jan 19th 2015 and I'm due on Jan 4th 2016!
  • I have a 4 month old (almost 5 months) born 3/10/15 and I am due with my second on 1/17/16.
  • My two will be close to the same birthday, but they will be three years apart.. So it doesn't count as Irish twins.
    DS was born February 10th 2012,
    This one is due January 11th 2016.

    But my friend had Irish twins.
    She had her son January 8th 2012, and had her daughter December 8th 2012. She actually has 4 under 4. I don't know how she does it, but I do know everything is about her kids. She puts all her energy into them.
  • My aunt and uncle are Irish twins and my husband has this idea that's what we should try it!! Lol we will see!!
  • I was tempted to start a post similar to this! My son was born December 9th, 2014 and now I'm due with a baby girl January 9th, 2016! I'm kind of really freaking out.

    How did your family and friends react? Were you planning on having kids close in age?
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    We have the same due date @ashley&nick11!
  • After looking into it a bit more, I guess my minis won't quite be Irish twins, but 13 months is close enough in my book...
  • We'll have a 20 month age difference, so not Irish twins, but there will be two 20 months olds, so we'll have three under 3.
  • @mg137 you'll actually have 3 under 2!!
  • We'll be 18m apart! I'm terrified and thrilled!!
  • My oldest 2 are 20 months apart. Not Irish twins but they hit milestones close together. As they are getting older it becomes a struggle with my oldest/son because there isn't that definite age gap to give him that "older brother" power. They do figure it out and they are really close which makes emotions alot stronger too.
  • DD will be 13 months when this LO is born close but not quite. DS will be 4
  • @mg137 you'll actually have 3 under 2!!

    Yay math!! (Thanks. Still far from my worst pregnancy brain moment). ;)
  • Ours won't exactly be Irish Twins, but will be 2 years apart. Our daughter will be 2 on January 14th, 2014 and we are due with our second on January 14th, 2016
  • My DS will be 17 months when #2 arrives. So not Irish Twins but close enough together for others to question our sanity ;)


  • @BarrettJ89 everyone is very excited for us...I'm sure some are nervous for us as well though. We knew we wanted more kids, and close in age, but we didn't expect to become pregnant this early on. But we couldn't be more thrilled! :)
  • My family didn't exactly give congrats or "woohoos." My boyfriend and I clearly aren't married yet, and my son wasn't exactly planned... so having another only 13 months later didn't go over terribly well. They didn't get upset or cry, but my dad made a bee-line to get outside to avoid the discussion. They seem to be coming around a little bit, but it still worries me some.
  • Mine will be 13 months apart as well! My DD will be one on Nov. 25th and baby #2 is due Jan 6th. When I first found out i was super freaked out because we wanted more time between little ones but for some reason I am now excited to have them be close together and I have become really calm about it (some might call it denial). Maybe the calm before the storm? Anyway im excited that there are so many others here with little ones close together! 

    DH and I both 29
    TTC#1 1/25/14
    BFP 3/15/14!
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  • I'm Irish and not offended. No worries.
    Same! My Aunt - who was very Irish had six kids. She referred to her last two pregnancies as Irish twins and one pregnancy was twins!
  • Mine aren't Irish twins, they'll be 19mo apart. I'm super excited that they'll be close in age! Instant best friends!
  • @BarrettJ89 ugh I'm so sorry. My boyfriend and I aren't marries either and my mother is pretty religious, hoping we get married sooner than later, his aunt is incredibly religious and we haven't told her yet. But it all comes down to us, it's our life, our situation, our family.
  • @BarrettJ89 The damage is already done and now it's time to prepare for another beautiful blessing.
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