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  • And I post in the thread in response to insight and other comments. Most of the time to say thank you! I don't understand the point of your rudeness.
  • Perf! So you got what your looking for. So what's the problem? Do you thrive on this because if you do it's sad. I'm embarrassed to be a fellow Canadian. We're not all loonie bins ladies!
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  • I'll reply to your private message here - there is no reason for what I have to say to you to be private because you've already put a bunch of private things about your life out here for the board to see.

    I have put myself in your shoes. I have thought about your situation. You're right -These women have been supportive. We've given you all the advice we can. We've given you EXCELLENT advice. You constantly update this thread with the same information about how he's not going to be there for you but you're still dragging this whole thing along. You're older than me and you're acting like a teen mom. If my SO wasn't treating me or my pregnancy with respect - I'd tell him to hit the road. You want to come off as some independent woman - then, act like it. You are telling me that you hope for the sake of my baby blah blah blah? No, I hope for YOUR baby that you do the right thing and start acting like a grown woman.
  • Yes you got great advice on here and probably in real life now go use it! Stop posting how you are trying to decide and hoping maybe BD will change. That's what no one wants to hear because you've posted some variation of that every couple days in this thread.
    Until you make a change and do something we don't need a rehash of you complaining about your BD
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