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What would you choose?

My new coworkers are going to throw me a shower in a few weeks and they want to know if I would prefer a "Diaper Derby" (diapers and wipes) or a traditional shower. Either one will be greatly appreciated, so it doesn't really matter to me. Which one would you choose?

Re: What would you choose?

  • I'd chose a diaper Darby if you've also had a non-work shower. With a traditional shower you can always return or get store credit for things you don't need, but it's a big hassle. You will definitely need diapers and wiped though! Also, it seems like you're asking for less that way, which is more appropriate for work where you likely aren't personally close to your co-workers.
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    That's really sweet.  If you think they would stick to your registry, I would do a traditional shower.  If not, I would do the diaper derby.  But I hate stocking up too much on that stuff and have found that big boxes of diapers from amazon and big box of wipes from Target are the best deals.  

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  • I'd go with whatever you feel you need. If you don't have many diapers and wipes stocked up, go that route.
  • I would definitely go with the diaper derby. You'll always need more diapers and wipes!

    My experience with a work shower (more traditional) wasn't that great though... Some of the people really didn't know me that well and didn't know what to buy, so I ended up with quite a few things I didn't need/like. They didn't really stick to my registry at all.
  • I had asked for Diapers and Wipes at my work shower. We got those plus outfits and bottles and whatever they wanted to get her. So either way you probably get a little bit of everything.
  • Personally, I'd go with diapers and wipes as I have everything else for baby.
  • I would do diapers and wipes...easier for coworkers to do that than actual baby items. 
  • Yeah unless you have a lot you still need and think your coworkers would get these items diapers seem like an easier bet

  • If you are picky about what diapers and wipes you are going to use (like me, lol) I would go the traditional route. You can always return items and get what you want/need. As for diapers, some ppl may buy different ones and use them to make cakes, etc so you won't be able to return them.
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