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Inspired by the news this morning!

I hope that I never become so "busy and overwhelmed" with my life, that I forget my child in the car!! Esp on a hot day!! Wth?!? I try not to judge but can someone really be so preoccupied they forget the most important thing in their life, in a car?!? I just don't get it.

Re: Inspired by the news this morning!

  • Ugh, I was just watching something about this too.  I mean it is super scary...I think they have or will have car seats with detectors on them so that people can be alarmed if their kid id in the car still.  But it drive me crazy that some news organizations (Today show) use this and so many other things to create panic and fear mongering.  It is good to be aware, but people have enough to stress about without throwing something else in the mix.  Maybe this is just a gripe I have with the Today Show because I feel like they do this with a lot of things. 


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  • Yes I read a long article about this last year where they explained how our dumb animal brains can actually allow this to happen - even to great parents. Apparently it was much much rarer before rear facing car seats too. It's easy to think, oh I could never, but I'm sure a lot of parents did too. So tragic.

    @Wering great advice

  • Definitely tragic, this has happened a couple of times in the last year in Australia too and there were a lot of news articles on the topic.

    I don't like to pass judgement on the parents involved in these accidents... I know some cases occur from purely deliberate and negligent actions but it's so easy to go into autopilot mode when you do the same thing day in and day out and think that you've carried out all the tasks you needed to when you haven't. Throw in a range of other factors like sleep deprivation, periods of high stress, small changes to schedules etc and i can see how you have a recipe for potential disaster.

    I'll definitely be taking appropriate steps to prevent it happening to me like @Wering suggested in a previous post.
  • In warmer weather the left shoe trick is what we will use. When you put LO in the backseat take your left shoe off and put it beside him/her. You might forget your child or even your purse but you will always notice that you are missing a shoe! This trick is especially good for dads who typically aren't carrying anything else with them.
  • Another trick you can do is to have a long ribbon or strap that you attach to your driver's side door and then to somewhere in the back seat/behind you, ideally the back of your kid's rear-facing carseat. That way when you open the door you can't get out without taking the ribbon off. And of course you only use the ribbon when the kid is in the car.
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