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Something to look forward to. Many of us went on a babymoon, who is going/planning their first family trip?

I have roughly 13 vacation days to use by end of the year and we want to go to a beach or somewhere warm for a couple days in November and bring LO (we're from Texas).

Any suggestions? Where are you going as your first family trip?

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  • I'm looking forward to our first trip without the kids. :)

    No trips here, I'm using all my time off while on leave.
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    We are camping about five more times before the season is over. I am taking the kids to Texas next week to visit my sister. And DH and I just booked a kid FREE trip to key west for January.
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    Sammy K said:

    I'm looking forward to our first trip without the kids. :)

    No trips here, I'm using all my time off while on leave.

    Same here. I'll have four vacation days and two personal days left, but those have to get me through the holidays and any wintertime illnesses that pop up. No new vacation days until May. :(
  • We are at rehoboth beach right now. My stepson has a baseball tournament this weekend here so we came down a couple of days early to have some vacation time. LO is 7 weeks and loving being here!!! My DH is super impressed with how well he is doing.
  • We are going to Galveston next weekend for my MIL's birthday as a family trip. We will see how he does. But he's done great with all of our outings in the community so if we prepare in advance that should help, fingers crossed!
  • btm013btm013
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    We are visiting my in-laws in Florida in December - LO included. It will be our first flight with him! Also Louisville, KY in the spring to visit my sister in law. Oh and we already booked our beach vacation in 2016. It's a huge family and friends gathering in cape may, Nj. My husband and I love to travel and we really want to instill that in our little guy. I was half tempted to fly him to Germany for a wedding at 6 weeks but I held back haha.
  • We are planning a family trip with LO to Mexico in April! We would like to go sooner to get away from the cold MN winter, but sadly DH and I won't have enough vacation time until April… We take a trip like this every year and I can't wait for our little guy to experience his first of many beach vacations!
  • We're heading to the cabin for our first weekend there today!

    & next week we're flying with LO to visit my in laws. Pls pray for us, I'm so anxious!

    And I'm January we haven't finalized where we are going, but it will be at a resort down south and there will be a beach.
  • We spent a week in Houston/Galveston when LO was 5 weeks and are heading to Vail tomorrow with LO (now 8 weeks). We are planning a trip over Christmas break to Christmas Town and a kidless trip to Greece/Amsterdam this Summer. Can't wait for LO to be old enough to travel abroad with us. :)
  • LaurenS119LaurenS119
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    We are going down the jersey shore for a week next weekend with dh's whole family, really looking forward to a nice week with lots of extra hands to soothe crying lo
  • We are headed to the cabin this weekend too @MurLindzz! This will be our second attempt. We tried earlier this month and our car broke down. Now we are armed with a new vehicle and will be leaving earlier to beat traffic.

    We also plan to go camping a few more times this season. One official trip at the end of August with the whole family. I'm so excited!!
  • We are going to disney world in February for DD 5th birthday. LO will be around 8 months old. Luckily the flight is only about 2 hours.
  • Going to Vegas in December and Disney land in March. We usually never go on vacations, but DH and I finally both have decent paying careers so we are taking advantage of that. We will be doing both without the baby though, and will be gone a week for Disney land. I'm really hoping it works out. She will be staying with my mom and dad and they usually see her every day, so hopefully she will feel comfortable around them by the time we leave.
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  • L/O and I are talking a girls trip while daddy travels for work in a few weeks! We are flying to Baltimore to see my friends that I had to leave behind in December. So excited I get there, nervous to fly alone with her! :-SS
  • We are going to the Oregon coast for Labor Day weekend! LO will be 9 weeks old... Hoping we don't hit a growth spurt. We are renting a house with my fiancé's entire family! I'm really excited though!
  • I'm jealous of everyone camping!  I'm in TX and it's over 100 every day.  :(  We are planning to camp in Oct when it finally cools off...
  • @Steph0727 which resort are you going to stay at in mexico? We are looking to book an all inclusive for the winter and I'm always open to recommendations! :)
  • Omg... I really thought the title of this thread said vaccinations... Baby brain

    So did I. And at the was just below the '2 month shots' thread so I was like here we go with all kinds of threads for the same damned thing again. I should've known that the ladies starting both threads wouldn't have done that. #-o Sorry gals
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  • lwyzlwyz
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    LO and I are going back home to meet my family when he's 7 weeks at the end of August! Unfortunately, DH can't come. But I'm super nervous for the flight because it will be like... An 8 hour travel day because we couldn't get a direct flight there :(
  • DH and I love to road trip and camp. We have nothing planned in the immediate future, but we would like to get a camping trip in this summer before it gets cold (up here it can get cold in September so we don't have much time left). We are kinda hoping for LO to start sleeping longer periods first before we go, tho. I don't want to be those people at the campground with a crying baby all night, disturbing everyone else in the spots around us. Luckily, our tent is monstrously huge. Its like a frickin tent mansion. So we will be able to fit our air mattress and LOs pack n play in there just fine. And our current fav spot to camp is 45 min away, so should we need anything we forgot, or decide we needed something that we had earlier thought we didn't need, its not a thing at all to just go back to the house and get it. :)
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  • We are taking a road trip to Vermont (about 7hrs away) next weekend for our friends' wedding. It's probably the closest thing to a vacation we will have for awhile. Not sure how LO will do with the car ride, or how late we'll be able to keep ourselves up, but we are excited to visit beautiful New England again and stay in a fancy hotel room.. that offers free breakfast! :-bd
  • pearlv88 said:
    @Steph0727 which resort are you going to stay at in mexico? We are looking to book an all inclusive for the winter and I'm always open to recommendations! :)
    We are planning on staying at the Royalton Riviera Cancun! I have not been there yet, but my mom went there this past February and she has not stopped talking about it! It's a brand new resort and she said they have tons to do for kids! Another destination I can recommend is Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Montego Bay, Jamaica! We had our destination wedding there and it was AMAZING! We are between the 2 destinations and ultimately the price will make our decision. :) 
  • So many fun trips planned! Next May is our 5 year anniversary so hoping to plan a beach trip in the Caribbean without the baby but then again close to 1 years of age is a fun time to see little ones at the beach for the first time.
  • I will have about 10 vacation days left when I go back to work 9/14. We'll probably use half of them at Christmas to head up north and visit the family. My extended family hasn't met LO yet and they want to, especially my two 91 year old grandmothers.

    The other half we may use to go somewhere for Thanksgiving (but we're trying to get people to come here instead), or I'll roll them forward for next year. Or use them randomly when I just don't feel like going to work.

    DH goes on a week long ski trip every winter, so when he does that I'm planning to take LO down to Disney world with my mom...we have a time share and it's only a one hour flight. We'll probably just lay by the pool a lot since LO will only be about 8 months. But I'm sure she'd also be entertained being in a carrier at the parks if we wanted to go. Lots to look at. I'll probably try to stay at one of the hotels with a full spa so I can leave the baby with my mom and treat myself a bit. :-)
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  • So jealous! So many great trips that sound awesome. Enjoy, everyone!
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  • We live in upstate NY about 6 hrs from New York City. We took about little sweet girl with us to visit our friends and their 1 year old two weekends ago- little one was 9 weeks. It was a great family vacation. We just took our time driving there and stretched when needed. In addition, we brought all the comforts of home and that works well for our lil girl. Our first flight with our lil girlie will be to Los Angeles to visit my sis and her 5 year old for thanksgiving. We can't wait.

    All these vacations sound great. Enjoy ladies. I know we love our lil family of three and feel complete.
  • I'm jealous! I'm using all my vacation time during my maternity leave :(

    There's always 2016 I guess!

    We are going to a wedding next weekend and leaving LO with my MIL. I'm so pumped, we chose the hotel with the latest checkout so we can sleep in!!!
  • We are going to the beach. On an aside I highly recommend sending all your diapers, wipes and food if you need it via
    To the house or hotel where you are staying. One less thing to pack and they are there when you arrive!!!
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  • I'm so stoked for vacations! We are gonna take lo on her first camping trip over labor day weekend. I'm hoping to go to Vegas for my 30th bday over thanksgiving. My family lives there and it will probably be the first time my dad meets lo. Next year hubby and I are going on a mindless 7 night cruise for our anniversary and lo will be with my in-laws already so freaking excited. I think you should show baby everywhere she will most likely go with us to Mexico next year and maybe Canada, she went to both in utero. Already a world traveller lol. I'm excited to see so many people taking baby camping that makes me less nervous to take her in a few weeks!
  • I'm impressed with all you ladies who are flying with their LO's. We are heading out of state this weekend for a wedding- it's 3 hours away and we are staying in a hotel for 2 nights-- I'm already getting anxiety over the amount of stuff we need to pack for him!

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  • We went to our house on the ocean on the Sonoma coast.. Lo was 4 weeks and did great.. Super relaxing. Didn't get as much tide-pooling or beach time as usual, but being there was awesome and beautiful . Now allowing the SIL's sister and her family to come .. That's another story and lesson learned :-t
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