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CIN III and LEEP procedure

I have had bad paps then a baby then a good pap then a bad pap then a colposcopy then another baby... Now my last colposcopy shows I wet from Cin I to 3. Crap. It's time to be scooped. Anyone want to share their experience with this? I'm not worried about the procedure really, rather I'm worried if the procedure doesn't work. Seems like cervical cancer is pretty much a game changer in the fertility deparent and I'm not sure I'm done yet. Like I said, I'm jut trying to reach out to anyone who has or has to go through this.

Re: CIN III and LEEP procedure

  • I had a leep done three years ago. I was a CIN 3. I recently just had my first child. The procedure was a breeze. The only thing is the lugols solution they put on afterwards to help with bleeding looks like charcoal when it starts to come out. Are you being put to sleep or under local? I work in surgery and have seen the procedure done several times. I had mine done under anesthesia. I have seen several done under local and the patients seem to tolerate it very well. They use acetic acid( vinegar). This goes on the cervix to show the abnormal cells. Then they take a loop cautery to take off the part where it changes color, Then apply lugols or sometimes they use silver nitrate stick If the bleeding doesn't stop. I hope this is helpful. I have had clear pap's since.
  • @sunnymommyo2 any update on your diagnosis? Currently 14 wks w CIN 2/3 :-( any info will help!
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