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To use not to use ?

victoriaaa1victoriaaa1 member
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I've had my eye on this soundspa for the past maybe 4 months do any mommas have a love or hate opinion about them?
I don't want to get it then it ends up being a waste of money .

Also , how soon would you start to use one ?
I've had people tell me they waited for about a month , some used it right away . Does it really matter ? Because I don't feel that it doesnt matter but what do I know . Lol

Re: To use not to use ?

  • We used it right away and it helped so much!! I got one that you can unplug and use batteries if needed. We stopped using it around maybe 9 months because I didn't want her to be totally dependent on it as she got older. Newborns like it because it's pretty noisy on the womb.
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  • We used one for the first few months. White noise was the best! We have a sound machine attached to our bassinet this time around and I'm excited to see how it works. Every baby is different so you really never know.
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  • gulimzgulimz member
    I got a dohm sound machine. It makes 1 type of noise. Honestly, my husband and I've been using it, and it's really relaxing and it cancels out his snoring and my bathroom trips some how. ...
  • It works great! & it was used right away, it really helped her stay calm.
    Yeah, I would suggest buying it closer to her birth & if it doesn't work out, you can return it.
  • We still use the SoundSpa with my 5 yo and my husband and I use one now too.
  • I don't really remember when we started using ours, but we still use it for our almost 5 yo. We keep it on rain or ocean and also have a CD with soothing music playing on repeat. We have a one-story house, so I find that it's helpful to block out noise from the kitchen and family room. Since DH & I hear the SoundSpa & music through the monitor, we now have trouble sleeping if it's too quiet. LOL

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  • Joie80Joie80 member
    My daughter, 3, has one in her room. It's more to cancel noise when she's sleeping as opposed to soothing to sleep. We love it.
  • We have one and have used them since birth until forever. DD will be 5 in sept and still uses hers. She doesn't NEED it but she likes it. When we travel we don't bring it now but when the kids were 2 and under we did.
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  • Our household are white noise sound machine addicts. Fully completely 100% addicts.
  • Why not try a cheap app before you spend money on something like that, if you're not sure whether to shell out? We use 'relax MP' on an old iPod in DD's room for white noise. I think it cost about $2 a couple of years ago. There are 50 or more different sounds and we have used it to death.
  • I've always just had a radio on in the bedroom.

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