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Full moon!

How many births do you think we'll see between now and Saturday?

Full moon! 158 votes

28% 45 votes
71% 113 votes

Re: Full moon!

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  • That's what I was thinking @mimigrace12 !
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  • I'm thinking the opposite. .. because we've had so many already I don't think there will be too many more.
  • Given the rate of announcements I'd say a lot this weekend! Would love to be one of them but at 38+3 it's best she stays put for a bit longer. Will be waiting for all the announcements and photos that make me a little jelous but very excited! \:D/
  • A lot! I know I will not be one of them.. Lol.. I have 4weeks
  • mtxomtxo member
    I'm due 8/6 and very crampy today.. Hope it leads to something.. Come on full moon
  • When I went in for the hospital tour, the woman giving the tour said its either a "packed house" or barely anything going on.. Never in between. I do hope when it's finally my turn, that's it's a slower day/night so our nurses n doctors aren't running around crazy and Dr. Epidural can come quickly :). I'm sure like many of you have said.. That it will be a popular weekend in the L&D all over. As much as I would LOVE to be one of those women who go into labor this weekend.. I highly doubt it. My boy still has a ways to go. As long as he's healthy I'll be a happy momma.
  • It would be nice if I'm one of them. Due Aug 4th...so close!
  • Hopefully a lot! And hopefully I am one of them! Went to l&d last night with contractions five minutes apart but wasn't dilated enough! [-O<
  • Omg I wish it would bring on my little girl! I'm so ready to meet her. I'll be sipping on my raspberry tea all day and praying she's going to make her appearance, but I doubt it will happen. #wishfulthinking
  • I think the full moon thing is messing with my head too, am starting to get what feels like back cramps and I'm like omg is this back labor lol. also my system is like clearing out if u catch my drift, which I heard happens in early labor to prepare for what's about to happen. I'm not due till the 17th tho so hoping he cooks longer
  • Hope I'm one of them! Due August 6
  • mrieemriee member
    I'm due on the 7th so fingers crossed he comes today but no signs so far, the moon doesn't seem to want to encourage him. How cool would it be to say your baby was born under a blue moon though!
  • I've got two weeks to go, so tonight I'll probably be busy running around in my extra fur and fangs ;)
  • Jenaboo4Jenaboo4 member
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    I'm contracting like crazy!!!! Last i was checked was Thursday and i was 2cm.... I'm supposed to be induced Monday at 10pm. I don't know we will see. I have been on hospital bed rest for an extremely long time. So if she's ready she'll be ready. I'm tired of being sick but I've held my induction off so long
  • I have a c-section scheduled for Wednesday but I would totally be ok with her coming any time between now and then. So over being pregnant in the extra hot southern summer. Bring on fall!
  • I thought I was going to be one! Due Aug 6 but always go 3-5 days early. Was up from 2:30-almost 6am with cramping and contrax, kicked DH out of bed, fell asleep for about an hour, and then nothing. Ugh.
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  • Due tomorrow, but being a FTM I'm not counting on him coming on time. My family also keeps predicting he'll be at least a week late, which is oh-so-encouraging!
  • It'd be nice if i were one.. Due tomorrow, but so very ready today.
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  • Not due until the 11th, but Id be lying if I said I wasn't hoping at all that she might show up a little early. Seems likes she's pretty content though, and I have had zero indications that she is coming anytime soon.
  • I'm due next week and thought maybe this afternoon I would blue moon it up today, after a couple hours of steady contractions, but they died down and I had my first check which only put me at 1cm so it doesn't look like the moon is doing jack crap for me! :)
  • I'm due on the 3rd and have been consistently contracting all day! Walking, resting, changing positions haven't stopped them but they're not getting stronger...the moon is totally messing with my head!!!
  • kburgo47kburgo47 member
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    Well, I lost my mucas plug tonight. I am 39w2d. Hoping that this blue moon doesn't disappoint.
    Good luck to us, ladies
  • 39w1d and lost my mucas plug a little bit ago. I'm hoping something starts happening over night!
  • I am due Monday. I think I just lost my mucus plug and have been feeling like I'm about to start my period all day. I also had my first membrane stripping yesterday. Not sure if my symptoms are due to the membrane strip of if it is labor. Kinda hope i have one more weekend as a non mommy.
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