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35 weeks..... in a lot of pain

Im #4 due in 5 weeks. this pregnancy has been so incredibly painful..and every symptom ..I have it. Especially very low cramping , back pain, and shooting vaginal pain. My doctors just keep saying its a normal part of pregnancy and remember the fact that you're much "older." Lol.. it hurts so bad I can't breathe And brings tears to my eyes. the doctor's say it has a lot to do with all my scar tissue from my three previous c sections. Any other moms going through this? I want to be excited and enjoy my pregnancy so much. But sometimes it's really hard to do with all this pain and discomfort. :(

Re: 35 weeks..... in a lot of pain

  • I'm not 35 weeks yet, but I'm sorry that's happening to you! I really don't think it's because we're older, though. I've had back pain, but my neighbor's daughter-in-law is in her early/mid 20's and she's been in a lot of pain on and off.
  • I'm 35 weeks also due with #4. This pregnancy has definitely been harder than the previous ones. My OB said that each successive pregnancy tends to bring more pain/discomfort but that each delivery also tends to be easier. We shall see!


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  • When I was pregnant with my fifth @ 34 yrs I had the same problem. I kept brushing it off as a normal part of pregnancy as we age. I finally called my midwife about it in my third trimester because it felt like I was in pain whenever I moved. She said it could be a calcium/magnesium deficiency and instructed me to take a liquid cal/mag in addition to my prenatal. It was quite a bit too , I want to say like 1500mg calcium and 800 magnesium (can't remember for sure). Anyway it might be something to ask your dr or midwife about. I felt better after about 3 days of taking it.
  • Im 35 husband and i had been trying to conceive for 10 years i turned 35 and we really just gave up and i was kind of relieved because i had developed hbp and was scared to deal with that during pregnancy so my children(not by my DH) are 16,13,11 then we had a recent surprise a missed period so it was confirmed i am due in april and constantly on the internet looking up this and that im just really scared because of my age but everyone says im not that old...tell my body that!
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