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Howdy ! Intro!

hi everyone! I am so happy to join you on this board. I am 33, hubby is 37 and this is our first pregnancy. We have been together for 12 years and married for eight. Both of us had significant issues with infertility to the point that the specialist recommended going straight to IVF. Long story short, I have very low ovarian reserve and as a result only produced two eggs. Hubby has male infertility also therefore they performed ICSI, and one embryo fertilized and was transferred back to me 2 days later. Despite the unfavorable odds, the little firecracker embryo stuck (thank God!) and now I am four weeks pregnant and excited about it! I am due on April 6 and wish all of you a very healthy and uneventful nine months!

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  • Welcome and congratulations! What a blessing this baby is! :-h
  • What an awesome blessing! I'd say firecracker for sure!
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    That is wonderful! Congrats

    Me- 25,DH-28


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  • Thanks ladies!!!
  • Congrats!!!
  • Wow! That's great! Congrats to you guys!
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  • Wow! Congrats!

  • Such a wonderful blessing!! Congrats
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