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Mattress for Crib?

So, I've searched and I've found a lot of info about cribs, but so far haven't found anything about mattresses. My mom and I picked out a crib we both like (she's paying, so it was important we both liked it), and I just realized that said crib also needs a mattress inside of it! I looked around online and it is very confusing...how good of a mattress does a baby really need? 

There is a HUGE range of prices for these! I know when purchasing the mattress for our bed the experts went on and on about springs and support and comfort and yadda yadda, but that's more because we're adults and DH has a bad back...is there anything I NEED in a crib mattress? Or just something that fits the size of the crib?

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Re: Mattress for Crib?

  • I know that my two step sisters had mattresses that were quite firm in the cribs for their boys.  I was curious about this too, as even a place like Target had 5-6 different kinds to choose from.  I googled the topic and found a few decent articles.  This was written earlier this month and gives pictures/websites for the 5 mattresses mentioned.https://www.momtricks.com/crib-mattresses/
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    Just make sure it's firm.

    We got ours from Target for around $50 I believe.
    Eta we picked a mattress with a waterproof exterior, so even though we use a w.p. mattress pad we don't have to worry about the mattress getting wet.
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  • Definitely make sure it's a waterproof one.  It's essential!  Other than that, it should be firm.

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  • @RepeatPostPolice Good point about waterproof...while I'll definitely be using a mattress pad too, it's smart to think about how easy the mattress is to clean, since all sorts of bodily fluids happen in cribs!

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  • Firm and waterproof. You can buy some with one side that's firmer for newborns and a softer side for toddlers.
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  • ashhsaashhsa member
    Great question, I'm going to get an ikea crib and I've read reviews that the mattress is terrible, so I'll be in the market for one too, and I've got no idea!
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    I've been having this same problem. There's so many mattresses to choose from and I'm just thinking, how good of a mattress does a baby need. Also, it's not like us where we will be having the same mattress for years and years and years. I'm glad this thread was started OP!
  • We got a sealy, since my thoughts were that they are a company that makes mattresses, so they are likely to be good. I did a little research before, and kept seeing what PPs mentioned, that it should be firm. The one we got is from Target and has 204 springs, can't think of what the name was, just remembered the spring count for some reason.
  • I second the firm and waterproof. Waterproof is key. With mattress pad too.
  • Same here. We've found a crib we like, but haven't gotten to research a lot about mattresses yet. All I've decided for sure is organic.
  • ashhsa said:

    Great question, I'm going to get an ikea crib and I've read reviews that the mattress is terrible, so I'll be in the market for one too, and I've got no idea!

    Double check dimensions before buying a non-IKEA mattress if you are getting a crib from there. The sizes there are always a little off. Maybe this is different for cribs but you'll want to make sure there aren't any gaps and that mattress is a snug fit in frame.
  • Yes, thanks for starting this post, as others said. I've really been wondering what the huge difference between a $50 to a $300 mattress would be. Maybe not too too much after all. ;-)
  • They are more expensive, but if it is an option, I would consider an organic one. Most mattresses contain toxic flame retardant chemicals – Exposure to them is bad for your baby. It is so frustrating that this is the case! As public awareness about these chemicals increases, more and more companies are taking them out of every day products because they have not been shown to increase safety in case of a fire and cause harm because we breathe them. https://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-12-28/news/ct-met-flames-test-mattress-20121228_1_tdcpp-heather-stapleton-chlorinated-tris

    Organic crib mattresses do not contain harmful chemicals but still have a waterproof layer on top. We bought a Naturepedic one and it has been fantastic for my first daughter.
  • @KiminATL yes yes yes!! I was going to say this. Note, though, that plenty of organic mattresses still have chemical flame retardants. You need to look for one that specifically says it doesn't. Ours use wool, I believe. But we got the organic mattress with our co sleeper and I checked and saw that it does have chemical flame retardants in it. I'm going to have the company that made our organic latex mattress (so comfy!) make one to fit the co sleeper and make the girls their big kid beds. The company here in Portland OR is very reasonably priced and fast. If anyone is local or wants to see if they ship, I can find the name and number. I'm sure most big cities have them, though.

    Organic and chemical free mattresses are significantly more expensive but babies spend most of their time on them so, for me, it's the most important piece of furniture or equipment. Our 15 month olds still spend about 14 hours a day with their little faces smashed right up against the things.
  • We got a cheap one from target originally and it wore out quickly, you could feel the springs in it at about 1.5-2 years. We switched to a memory foam (about $100) and it seems much more comfortable for DS. He's still in the converted crib at 3.5 yo, so we knew we would want something that would last him a while.
  •  I think safety 1st heavenly dreams is the safe cheap crib mattress for a newborn baby.This mattress is sold under $60 dollars which is good for money. Below is  a list of the some best crib mattress 

    1. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams crib mattress-Best-selling safe and cheap crib mattress on the market

    2. Sealy Baby Firm Rest Crib Mattress,which is waterproof crib mattress

    3.Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress –Best organic/natural crib mattress

    4. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Mattress-Best rated(4.7) mattress on amazon.

    5. Sealy Soybean Foam Core –Best crib mattress for toddler

    Source: https://thebestbabycribs.com/best-baby-crib-mattress-reviews/

  • I got a foam mattress. It's firm and they can't get bed bugs. Just need it to be good enough to last them through toddler years. I have a waterproof cover on ours. 
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