3rd Trimester

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Into my third trimester i started waking up with numb hands.. finally it became so uncomfortable and concerning. Does this happen to anyone else? Any tricks ??

Re: Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • I have braces for both my wrists that help with the pain and numbness. I just got them at the pharmacy. I hope your hands feel better.
  • I have this horrible!! I started drinking lots of water and even though my fingers still feel like pins and needles I don't wake up to them throbbing!!
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  • I developed tingling, numbness and pain in my right hand at around 29 weeks. I've tried very hard to keep hydrated and I have a brace to wear if I can remember. Avoid any activity that requires prolonged gripping motion, like holding your phone/tablet or a computer mouse. Massage therapy helps quite a bit. Also, do your best to not sleep on your hands or arms at night.
  • I have this too. Worse time is in the morning. My ob said it goes away a few weeks after delivering when I pass the fluids out. My chiropractor does not think it's carpal tunnel because my pinky finger is affected and with carpal tunnel the pinky is not included with the numbness. Chiropractor has been treating it but only one visit so far. Started when I was 29 weeks. I'm 34 weeks now. No improvement.
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