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How soon is too soon?

Hello January mommies! So lately i have been craving a little baby due to many friends recently having thier own babys. My baby boy is almost 7 months but the idea of a new little one keeps swimming in my head. I mentioned it to my husband a few weeks ago and he was silent! But then last night he gave me the green light. I told him i was going to get my depo shot next week but im thinking of changing my birth control to the arm inplant for 3 yrs and asked his opinion. He said to keep the depo, cause maybe soon we could try for baby #2! Now, I'm not saying I want to get pregnant right now but maybe once baby is 1? Is that too soon? I'm also really just wondering since baby #1 was a c-section? And another major setback would be me starting school in september and not wanting to have to put it off... Just opinions and suggestions :)

Re: How soon is too soon?

  • I've heard that it is recommended to have 18 months between pregnancies after a c-section to give your body time to heal. That being said, many people get preggo before that. 

    I got pregnant with DS when DD was 1 year 7 months old. They are 2 years 4 months apart and I think it's a great age spread (although there are pros and cons to everything). 

    Good luck. 
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  • I agree with @ellebee2.
    I would plan to have your children 18 months or up to 3-years apart.


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  • I've become obsessed I want one soon too!, I finish school in May so I'm thinking of just holding back till next summer or mid semester. Definitely a couple months before my lo turns 2. I want them to be close in age and to relate more to each other.
  • I just found out I am pregnant again. I gave birth to my son 12/31/14. I am bout 7 weeks pregnant. We are very excited. There was a 6 year gap between daughter and son. It has its pros and cons but I always wanted my children to be close in age. My mother had 5 of us in 9 years.
    We are all very close and that is what I wanted for my kids. I think if you feel like you are ready go for it!
  • My boys are 18 months apart (2 yrs and 7months now) and I was c-section for both :) definitely a handful at times but the closeness in age is great!
  • I was putting my LO's itty bitty clothes away today and it made me sad. It tugged at my heart strings for sure. But we will be waiting until little one was in 2ish.
  • My son is 8 months old, and now all my friends are getting pregnant. It is making me miss being pregnant, like the excitement of it all and the way it feels to carry such a little blessing. I want another baby like crazy, but my SO doesn't agree. I got an IUD so I won't have another one for five years, but I think that's way to long. I miss my son being so little. I think when your ready to have another one you should. Especially if your SO agrees with you. Good luck girly. (:
  • As much as I would love a newborn again personally I would go crazy. I would wait and love this one while he/she is still little. But 
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  • I had ds 1/27/15 and I am 9w4d. So lo and ds will be roughly 19 months apart. I cannot wait! My advice is, if you're ready now, do it!
    Married: 1/7/15
    DS: 1/27/15
    BFP: 12/10/15
    EDD: 8/14, but will go for c-section 8/7 

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  • I definitely have moments when I imagine snuggling a tiny baby and think I might want a second. Especially now that DS tries to get away to crawl whenever I pick him up. But then I really try to picture being pregnant again or having a tiny baby with a toddler. And the desire flies out the window. I've settled on just babysitting for my friends and sister who have teeny tiny babies. I've read some other posts that say somehow moms "just know" when it's time for another, which at first I thought sounded odd. But then my first pregnancy taught me that there are times when intuition can be a really strong sense of direction, so maybe I will wait for that knowingness.
  • I think I felt ready the moment dd outgrew her newborn clothes, lol. I waited until after she turned one to start planning #2 though, as I knew that as much as I wanted another, the PND that affected both myself and my partner was rough on our relationship and we owed it to our family unity to get ourselves in a good place before trying again. My point is, is your family dynamic ready to handle another baby? Think carefully about that part bc going from one to two children will rock the boat tremendously.

    That said, the research I did on family spacing concluded that for most family groupings 2-3 years is the ideal age difference between children. It all depends on the factors you give most weighting to. There's some interesting articles on line about. The ideal family size and spacing. I'd recommend visiting the Alpha Parent for a great breakdown of child spacing (there's also great advice about conceiving whilst bfing)

    I see this was posted a while ago. Let us know how you decided.
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