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High FSH, low AMH on IUI

Hi guys! I am new here. I am 27years old and i did laproscropy to remove some ovarian cysts. I now only hve one functioning ovary and my FSH levels are ranging 12-13 on day 3. My AMH is only a 0.22.

My RE has recommended us to try AI for three cycles. I have failed the the first cycle following a very stressful period.

I am starting Menopur 150iu today and fingers crossed this cycle is the one that works! Would hope to hear your success stories from people in the same boat.

Re: High FSH, low AMH on IUI

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    jtsabojtsabo member
    not to be rude (honest!) but what kind of success stories are you hoping for on the trying to get pregnant board?

    It might be better to lurk and read other boards that are for people who have got a bfp.

    Just a thought and please don't think I'm being mean, just thinking you might get more out of it that way
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