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Rude/unsupportive sister

so I have an interview tomorrow for a job I would like to have and can open up future employment opportunities and so I'm excited and nervous about it.. Well I was trying to talk to my sister about it and she instantly says "you won't get it because you're pregnant. They won't hire someone like you." Gee thanks for the support. Then she got made at me for getting upset like I had no right to be upset from her comment..
Have any of you ladies begun any new jobs while pregnant? Is she right?

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  • She isn't necessarily right. I haven't begun a new job this pregnancy but I did get a job my last pregnancy when I was visibly 20 weeks pregnant as a lease consultant at an apartment complex. The lady who hired me did not ask if I was pregnant but we both knew. It's not an issue for some places. I may have been lucky in the fact that they were going to be renovating the office area 2 weeks before I was due so my job wouldn't have been there anymore anyways, but it is very possible to get hired while pregnant. I don't know what kind of job you are trying to get but I say go for it! There's no harm in trying. It will feel even better if you get it and you can tell her you got it. Good luck hun.
  • I went for an interview a couple weeks ago to switch to another unit and get a day shift job. I'll be at the same hospital but on a different unit with a different manager. I was very honest and open about being pregnant and the fact that I wanted to take a full 12 weeks of maternity leave. I got my official job offer yesterday! Don't listen to people. If they want to hire you, you'll get the job despite being pregnant!
  • Your sister sounds like a turd, mine is too. They should be sisters, you can come be mine
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    It sounds very positive from the pp's. I hope you get the job mama and congrats on your LO!
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    My company has hired 3 women in the last year and half who were obviously pregnant. They look for quality candidates that they can train and would rather have a good candidate take leave for a couple months, then be stuck with the wrong person.
    My leave will start a month before I am qualified for FMLA, my supervisor already told me not to worry, my job would be waiting on me in Feb.

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