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Older sibs: compliments, complaints, and questions


Re: Older sibs: compliments, complaints, and questions

  • Etiquette question for other STMs. DS was invited to his first birthday party (for a 3 year old). I'm assuming that it's a family invite since I wouldn't want half a dozen "almost" potty trained boys running around. Do I go with DS? Bring the whole clan? Do I need to bring anything other than a gift? I don't want to be an ass. It's from 2:30-5, so at least there's no meal involved.

    I wouldn't be so worried, but I know we've missed some other things, like Valentines usually include a treat. And the parents are a doctor and lawyer, so I also don't want to look like a county bumpkin.

    We have our first play date this weekend too. I feel like I'm getting ready for a blind date...
  • A parent should definitely go. Probably not all of you unless your families already hang out together. You could bring the baby, too, if it's easier. All you have to bring is a present. I went to a 5th birthday party last weekend and every kid brought one mom and one present.

    I will say that I looked online to see how much to spend on the present. Internet said $12-15, which I what I spent, but the other gifts looked to be about $20.
    Sammy K
  • I would go with him since they are 3, and bring lo if you need to. Otherwise get some time for just the 2 of you! No need to bring anything else besides a present!
    Sammy K
  • Thanks! Now I just have to worry about him having an accident on done one else's carpet/furniture.
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