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Ectopic pregnancy.....what do I have in store?

i had a chemical pregnancy in April and I had an ectopic in June. I have an appointment in 2 week but I was just curious what your doctors told you? How did they monitor you the second time around? Are there any questions I should ask my doctor? I just want to be as informed as possible! Please help!

Re: Ectopic pregnancy.....what do I have in store?

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    I am sorry for your loss. Generally speaking, they will ask you to wait to TTC for a certain period of time to allow the methotrexate to completely leave your system. Once you start trying again, after the first positive HPT, they should monitor your HCG levels to make sure that they are rising appropriately (ectopics can rise too slowly), and once those levels hit a certain threshold, they should do an ultrasound to verify that the embryo is placed in the uterus.

    Good questions to ask are about their specific plan to monitor you, and how to reach a nurse in earliest pregnancy without being blocked by reception. Some offices have a standing policy not to see new pregnancies until week 10ish, and patients with early monitoring orders can sometimes be accidentally put off, especially if they do not have the confidence to push a stubborn receptionist to check with the nurse/doctor/chart. Ask about your increased risk of scarring to that previously involved tube, and if they will check that tube with a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to make sure it is not scarred closed and to flush any extraneous material from the tube.

    Best of luck! 

    All advice given based on lengthy personal experience.

    I am not a doctor, I just have a working medical vocabulary.

    Always available to answer questions about loss, infertility, and TRP.


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