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Room temperature

Here's the thing. I have read and been told/advised that a baby's room should be between 18-20 C. We don't have central heat and air so we rely on heaters and aircons in the winter/summer. Currently it's been excruciatingly hot and I'm often arguing with my SO about what temp to keep LO's room at night. I try to set the aircon at around 24C at night but my SO says it's too cold and wants it at 26C. We have totally opposite body temps so our ideas about LO differ greatly on this.

Anyone have suggestions about temp in general or advice on how to compromise this situation?

Re: Room temperature

  • I was told that babies should sleep in rooms that are 68-72 degrees. So I guess think that is 20-22C?

    Higher temps increase your risk of SIDS.

  • I think you are totally overthinking this. If your LO was cold, he would let you know. If your LO was hot, he would let you know. Yes higher temps increase the risk of SIDS but that decreases as they get older.

    Hell, my daughter's room was 90 DEGREES the other night. I live in a state where we aren't used to such high temps in the summer and no one has A/C units so we all just suffer and my kids sleep in diapers and underwear. No biggie.

    Sorry, I'm no help but you are arguing over a difference of 2 degrees right?

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  • I got used to keeping my kids' room temps displayed in C after we lived in Europe...just recently switched to F.

    In the summer our house is usually at 72-75, in the winter 68-70. In Celsius I tried keeping their rooms around 22-25. But when we lived overseas we had NO AC of any kind in our apartment and the temps in the summer would get to 29-30C inside. It was miserable! DD1 hung out in her diaper a lot.

    If it feels so cold for your SO, a couple if degrees either up or down really won't make a big difference. Just dress your baby in light cotton clothing.
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