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any twin mommies breastfeeding. I started out very strong and was VERY fortunate that both my girls latched well and I had a great supply. Since I started back to work it seems like my supply has decreased. I pump every 3 hours at work just as if I would feed them but I am not getting as much as I was before I started working. Any advice?

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  • I work in a Nicu and have heard that a lot of coworkers also have this problem, although not twin moms. Our lactation specialist don't usually have much helpful advice unfortunately. Most of of my friends just pump through and it corrects itself sometimes. Try watching videos of your babies and looking at their pictures which can help. Good luck!!!
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    Also add hand expression to your pumping routine. It can definitely help increase your supply. Google "hands on pumping" for instructions. Also make sure their caregivers are doing paced bottle has info on bottle feeding breast fed babies.
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  • Be sure you're drinking enough water.
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  • What is paced bottle feeding?

    This website has TONS of great info about pumping and feeding.
  • Power pumping.
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  • With my last baby I had to pump while I was in classes and was gone for 6 hours a day. My supply definitely took a hit but I just drank lots of water and made sure I was eating oatmeal and other supply boosting foods. It seemed to balance back out after 2 weeks. I used A LOT as a resource and it was sooo soo helpful!
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