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I can't find a pumping board but need advice from any moms that formula fed a preemie. I had to deliver emergency c section July 21st. I have been trying to exclusively pump for my little one who is still in the nicu and isn't eating yet. My supply is tanking. I have read everything, upped sessions, length of time, etc and am getting less. I am super sad, have a three year old to take care of too, can't be at the hospital much as we don't have help, etc. I'm sure these are all factors but I would love to hear from moms who formula fed too and things were just fine. I hate that I'm hooked up to a pump constantly it takes time away from my toddler and my time at the hospital with my baby plus sleep, etc. only to get 2 oz each time maybe. Trying to do 'what's best' especially since he is so sick but I'm not doing well

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  • You may get help on the breastfeeding board. Many prayers and much love to your family.
  • I am not the mother of a preemie, but I am a NICU nurse and it sounds like you're doing a great job pumping for your little one. If you get 2 ounces each time you pump, and are pumping as many times in the day as your little one eats, you'll have more than enough. If you're concerned about your supply, the best things you can do is to work with the lactation counselors at the hospital and hold your baby skin to skin/ pump at the bedside when you're able. I'd be happy to offer some advice if you like since I am trained in lactation support. However, if pumping is just not working out for you and is adding extra stress to an already stressful time then DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR STOPPING. Your baby will be ok. Most preemies go home on at least some formula anyway since they need extra calories/ minerals in addition to breast milk to grow and thrive. How early was your little one born? And does your hospital offer donor milk?
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