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No food tastes good... Why?

is anyone else having this problem? I will eat because I know I need to, but nothing is good at all. Everything makes me sick almost and I have no cravings at this point. What can I do at this point? 13 weeks today!!

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  • Thank you for the feedback ladies!! I look at everything I eat with such disappointment about halfway in!! Lol! No matter if I want it or not! So annoying but I have found that I really like cool ranch Doritos and almond joy!!!!
  • I've been so sick I don't want to eat...and then when I force myself everything tastes weird. Don't know why, but I do know it stinks! The only positive is that by this point with dd I had already gained 15 pounds, with this one, I've lost 2...
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    I'm 11 weeks + 3 days and I am having the same issues. For the last few weeks, nothing has sounded appealing, but I've forced myself to eat. I think I've lost 2 or 3 pound, but I'm a little overweight to begin with so I'm not too worried about it. The most annoying thing is that things I used to love (chocolate protein shakes, cocktail sauce, Indian food) taste completely different than they used to (even from a few weeks ago.

    Yesterday was the first day that I actually threw up. I'm not someone who throws up often and I know I'm lucky that it hasn't happened more (yet). It was really embarrassing because I was a the gym where I exercise. Ugh! (I didn't even work out that hard.). I hope this phase will pass soon because it 2 weeks I start back to work (teacher).

    As far as things that help, fruit smoothies with protein seems to help me.
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    I think I have lived on pretzels for the last 2 months. I'm so hungry but nothing sounds good, nothing tastes good and everything makes me sick. I force myself to eat pretzels because it helps my stomach a little bit. I think I've lost 10lbs. Luckily I was a little over weight and have the weight to lose. The only good thing, I have been able to get down a glass of orange juice (almost) every day. I hope this passes soon too because I am starting to lose my excitement.  
  • Definitely having this problem, none of my normals taste good, especially when my husband cooks fish. I still love cereal though, especially late at night before I go to bed!
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  • Same. Nothing is good but cereal & no morning sickness just grossed out by all food. I wonder what causes this-- hormones? Taste buds? Brain wiring? Stomach irritation?
  • That is how I was before and a little bit after I found out I was pregnant. I had really bad food aversion. But now that I'm almost finished my first trimester everything is starting to look and taste delicious. I literally don't even know where to start sometimes when thinking about what to eat.
  • YES! This is exactly how I feel. If there was any way I could get the nutrients I need other than eating I'd feel so much better. No morning sickness, but all I want to eat is cereal. I have actually had DH eat any leftovers at the island because I can't even look at food I ate yesterday. 12 weeks 4 days. I want to love food again!
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    My aversions are SO bad and the past 2 1/2 - 3 weeks I've thrown up more than I have in my entire life and it sucks. I'm 13 weeks tomorrow

    In the 3 weeks between my last 2 appointments I had lost 7-8 lbs (I'm also overweight with the weight to lose) and I'm probably around 10 lbs lost now, if not slightly more. At this point I have to joke about it so I told H the other day that I'm already winning since I've hit pre-baby weight

    ETA: week #
  • I'm 12w5d and nothing is appetizing when I eat for the most part still. I've lost almost 15 pounds since become pregnant (doctor wants me to lose weight still, making it 40 since the beginning of the year) and I just really miss enjoying my food, even the stuff I crave doesn't taste good after a few bites, it's just saddening because I know I need to keep food in my system especially with being hypoglycemic and insulin resistant but I just can't find anything that doesn't make my stomach sour afterwards or just doesn't taste good period.
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