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When is your 1st Appt? (AND HI!)


Re: When is your 1st Appt? (AND HI!)

  • Welcome! My first u/s is August 18th at 7.5 weeks. My first ob appointment will not be until September 2nd.
  • First appointment is August 18, but I won't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks in November. Last time I had an early ultrasound because of bleeding, so I'm hoping to not need one this time, though it was reassuring to see the little tiny embryo before.
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  • Happy Sunday!! We just found out we are pregnant and I've been taking pregnancy tests like crazy! I just feel so relieved when I see those pink lines!! Our first app isn't until 8/21 and first u/s won't be until week 12 the receptionist told me!!! I wish they could do one sooner!! I think it would put me at ease!!
  • My due date is April 3 and I'm 5 weeks today. My first appointment is Aug 6 and so looking forward to it and this is my boyfriends first baby so excited to be sharing this with him. I have two teenagers.
  • Hey guys. This is my first pregnancy and Im scared to death something will go wrong. I cant seem to calm down about that. My due date is 1 April. And my first appointment is 25 August.
  • I found out I was pregnant on Thursday and I haven't stopped stressing since! Any cramp, twinge I panic about. I'm guessing this is normal for any women, been to see GP she put me at ease for all of ten minutes that all I am feeling is normal. Just need these 7 weeks to fly by so I can see baby on the screen and know all is well!
    Let's try and stay calm together :) x
  • My EDD is April 3rd and my first appointment is Aug 17th ill be 7 weeks at that time. Super Nervous and excited.. counting down the days.
  • Spotskins said:

    Hey guys. This is my first pregnancy and Im scared to death something will go wrong. I cant seem to calm down about that. My due date is 1 April. And my first appointment is 25 August.

    Its my first as well. so i know how you feel, ive been avoiding any and all extra stress in my life. Just be safe. Deep breaths we will all get through this together.
  • Im so glad Im not alone in this panic. Ive been reading all the possible reasons for miscarriage and its mostly down to the first 12 weeks while the baby is following its genetic instructions. It scares me to know that I have no control over the first 12 weeks. Iand its still so far away :((
  • Another thing is. This will be my mother in law's first grandchild. And she has been telling EVERYONE she sees. Which makes me extremely nervous. And I told her that were not telling people. And I don't want to face everyone if something goes wrong.
  • I'll call tomorrow to make an appointment but last time they wouldn't see me until 8 weeks and I won't have an ultrasound until 12 weeks.  That puts me early to mid-September for my appointment and early October for my scan.
  • Congratulations! I'm due April 3 and my first ultrasound appt is August 28!! I am dying of anxiety lol. That day cannot come any sooner!!! Goodluck and many blessings to you :)
  • My first ultrasound is also on August 28!!!! I cannot wait!
  • April 17th! Our first appointment is Sept 1. Very nervous because we already had a MC this year. Trying to stay positive (and not crazy)
  • Our first ultrasound is not till Sept 1st. Should be in week 9. Hate waiting so long.
  • My MW doesn't want to see me until 10 weeks. 

    I'm having a hard time not going crazy because I can't push the thoughts of my first pregnancy out of my brain.  My first appointment with that pregnancy was at 11w3d, and I found out that day that my pregnancy was not viable.  I wish I could be blissfully ignorant again. 
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  • Hi there!! I'm so glad I'm not the only person thinking that!! We found our last Wednesday we are expecting our first child, we couldn't be more excited! I made my first appointment and it's not until aug 21 and the waiting is driving me crazy. I don't know how I'm going to make it 9 months I just want to meet my first baby and have him or her in my arms :) congrats to all the mommies!!
  • hi! 
    you guys are so on the ball! I haven't even seen my dr yet! Ill see my GP until 20 weeks, I believe once a month, then my OB after that.
  • Congratulations! Originally I made an appointment for next week because I had abnormal bleeding (implantation I guess?) but I think I'm keeping that. A) I need zofran b) I have no patience and want to make sure everything is ok and c) I'm going out of the country for three weeks and want to touch base before I leave. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be high risk again.
  • My first appointment isn't until 8 weeks on the 28th. I am glad so many others are not going in so soon. I was feeling maybe I was being irresponsible. This is our first baby and I have so many questions.

    I'm taking Prenatal vitamins and going about like normal so we'll be ok. It's pretty terrifying though. 
  • Im 4w1d and will have my first apt on August 13,for the blood work idnk if it will be too early for an u/s (this is my first pregnancy) ,i have a question did Any is you have cramps around 4 weeks? I'm just a lil worried about it since idnk if it's normal to have cramping it's on and off and different strength but never too unbearable like with my pms. Good luck to you ladies!
  • yulianaminiv, I am 4w4d and was woken up around 1am last night with terribly painful cramps. It really scared me. I went to the bathroom and it turned out to be horribly painful gas. lol Once I got it out, I was good. 
  • Is anyone here not having ANY symptoms other that sore breasts and crazy tiredness??? I feel like Im not really pregnant even though I took 2 tests and also had blood tests to confirm. This is my first pregnancy and I know everyone is unique, but shouldnt I be feeling more....pregnant?
  • I just called today and my appointment is September 3rd. We're on holidays from August 15th - 30th, and she originally wanted to schedule me for the 24th. I'm glad it's this late, since we'll know for sure at that point if it's a viable pregnancy and, not trying to be morose here but I've been through it so many times... if I'm going to m/c, I'd rather do it before the first ultrasound. 
  • First appt is Aug 28, around 9 weeks.  I'm seriously hoping they'll be like "Oh let's do a blood test to check gender".......... wishful thinking.  :)  

    I started a FB group if anyone wants to join! :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/April2016Mamas/
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  • I'm going in to get a blood test confirmation the 18th- I'm not sure if they'll do anything else that day. This is my first pregnancy so m not sure what to expect! I'm doing loads of research though so I'm hoping I'll feel more prepared by then.
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  • First appointment is 8/26 at 7 weeks.
  • Pregnant for the 2nd time after a miscarriage in April. I'm so scared this one is going to end the same. I have my first doctors appt. September 1 and it can't come soon enough.
  • First appt is Aug 27th. :)
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  • My EDD is Apr. 9. My first appt. Is 8/12. I will be 5w4d. I insisted on coming in because I have had 1 ectopic pregnancy that cost me a tube and if this is another ectopic I am going to catch it early goshdarnit! It may end up being to early to tell but maybe they can at least check my hcg levels if not an U/S.

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  • My first appointment is next Thursday, which is August 13th.  I'll be 6w3d.


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  • My EDD is Apr. 9. My first appt. Is 8/12. I will be 5w4d. I insisted on coming in because I have had 1 ectopic pregnancy that cost me a tube and if this is another ectopic I am going to catch it early goshdarnit! It may end up being to early to tell but maybe they can at least check my hcg levels if not an U/S.

    ugh, boxes...

    I also had an ectopic and they just want me to come in at 7 weeks instead of 9. No additional testing. It makes me feel stabby, but H said I need to relax. I know this sort of stuff is fairly routine for a doctor's office, but it isn't routine for me!!
  • Well I ended up having bright red bleeding today so dr had me come in. There is a gestational sac and I am measuring 5 weeks 1 day as I should be. Dr said it's too early to know what's going on and I'll go back in a week for a second u/s which should tell us a lot more. Had progesterone checked and it was 18.9. Dr had written me a prescription to start on progesterone tomorrow but he said since high teens low 20s is good for 5 weeks, I don't need to take it.

    Very scared. Still having spotting now but it's brown. It's just going to be a waiting game - said it's totally normal to just see the sac. And it's measuring the right size but he said it's a threatened miscarriage at this point due to the bleeding. Next week will be huge - if there is a fetal pole he said we have a good shot. Nothing like this happened w my first so I am on pins and needles here. Just hope the bleeding doesn't pick up again. I am not on bed rest or anything - said I can work but no excersize whatsoever until after next week.

    While I didn't have to wait till my 8/26 appt, now I sure wish more than anything I had to! So all you ladies that have to wait a while, consider yourselves fortunate that you've not been forced to go in sooner. I'll keep yall posted.
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  • We have our first appointment with my ob/gyn offices nurse practitioner on 8/12. Based on the due date calendar I will be 5 weeks 1 day. I am so excited and nervous to see what the next steps will be and when we might actually get to have an US. Can anyone tell me what to expect during our first visit??
  • Due 4 April!!! Can't believe I actually just wrote that! Eeeek!
  • Just scheduled, Sept 9 at 8 1/2 weeks. Such a long time to wait, especially with just experiencing a loss earlier this year. I've already called for an anti-nausea prescription.
  • @brittonlin I'm crossing everything for your little one to stick! Sending positive thoughts your way!!
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  • brittonlin Fingers crossed! 
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