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Third pregnancy but I've had two early miscarriages. The same day I found out i had an hcg of 23 9 days before my period I found out my thyroid tsh is 6.7 :((

I feel like I shouldn't even be thinking that this will be a healthy pregnancy. No endo can see me for another month!

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    Has your OB put you on synthroid? Also, have you told the endocrinologist you were pregnant? My endo schedules 3 months out, but she told them to make room for me when I called and said I was pregnant. Hypothyroidism does increase your risk of mc, but if treated you should be fine. Just advocate for yourself. I am 23 weeks pregnant now, and I get my thyroid labs done every 4 weeks so they stay well controlled. Let me know if you have any questions, and educate yourself. There is a lot of newer thyroid research, especially in regards to pregnancy. It has been my experience that many OB and general practice physicians are not well read on.

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  • I recently read a lovely article. Might you try and take good care of your brain, feeding superfoods that help it would improve your thyroid hormones in turn. Google how your hypothalamus works alongside the pituitary gland, and which foods are good for those. Hope this helps, I too suffer this. I know we can turn our bodies around! Good luck :)
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