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Best name for a girl?

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Hi ladies, we have found out we're having a girl & finding it hard to choose a name. Seeing as she will be a december baby I would like to incorporate something wintery if I can, but it's not a must if it doesn't flow, so I have come up with a few names, just unsure which sounds nicest?

Best name for a girl? 89 votes

Mia Amelie
0% 0 votes
Mia Noelle
42% 38 votes
Mia Neve
1% 1 vote
Olivia Noelle
33% 30 votes
Olivia Neve
0% 0 votes
Amelie (unsure of middle name)
12% 11 votes
Emilia Neve
10% 9 votes

Re: Best name for a girl?

  • I love Noelle for a winter baby. I'm having a halloween baby, but I still considered it because I love it so much. It's prettier than The oh so popular Norah (in my opinion) and it's got a definite winter tone. Mia, Olivia and any Amelia/Emily variant are so popular right now, but from those choices, I personally like Olivia Noelle.

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  • I love Olivia Noelle the best out of your choices.

    One of my guilty pleasure names is Winter and if I had the guts, I'd use it with Amelia.

    Other suggestions:

    Because fall

  • I voted Emilia, but I'd pick a different middle name. I liked PP suggestion of Emilia Noelle. Also look into Bianca, it's a great winter name too.
  • benmel31 said:
    How about Emilia Noelle?
    This. I would have chosen this if it was an option.
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  • LNic5LNic5
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    member Emilia Noelle. I also like Amelie
  • CGlessCGless
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    Amelia Noelle would get my vote.
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