2 year old annoyed by 6 month babbling

Hi all, Just wondering if any of you have advice for me. My two year old gets very agitated when his 6 month old brother babbles. Sometimes the babbles are irritating but the baby is happy. My two year old starts screaming "no", cries and throws a fit. This happens every meal and sometimes during play. I tried ignoring it, talking to him calmly, putting him in his room to calm down, he just picks up again. The baby thinks they are talking so he babbles more as his brother screams. Thanks for reading!

Re: 2 year old annoyed by 6 month babbling

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    I'd be implanting time out all day if that were my LO. "Oh you want to scream at your baby brother? You can stay in your room". There would be no play and he can eat and then go to bed. That would drive my LO crazy and he'd warm up to being nice. My advice is to figure out what your LO really likes and really wants to do and then take that away to maybe help him coexist with his baby brother.
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    My boys love their baby brother. I can't imagine having that happen. 
    Does it happen whenever he babbles or just if you are reacting to the babbles. I know DS2 gets a little jealous of the baby sometimes. I would amp up your rewarding behaviors for #1. Any time he is nice to the baby, shower him with affection and praise. "You are such a great big brother! Don't you see how much #2 loves you. You are very special to baby brother. It's so great to be a big brother." It's cheesy and feels stupid, but he'll feel good about being nice and won't fight for your attention. 
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