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Morning routine and crying baby

Hi everyone

I'd really like to hear about all of your morning routines, how do you get ready while taking care of your babies?

My LO is a month old and is napping less than she did. She usually wants to be fed between 6-7 and then sleeps for a couple of hours, I usually go back to sleep then. She won't sleep again until the afternoon and will want to be fed almost continually with a few periods of alert calm times where we 'play'. As we're going out for lunch today I left her in her carry cot after a feeding for 5-10 mins while I had a shower. She was screaming when I got back to her and I felt awful. So what do you all do to get ready in the mornings? Is it ok to leave her for 5-10 mins knowing she'll probably cry? I can sometimes shower during her early nap but she had a fussy night and wouldn't have slept without me next to her (plus I was really tired!)

Sorry for the long ramble!

Re: Morning routine and crying baby

  • My LO is soothed by the sound of the bathroom fan. I just sit him in his little bouncy chair and he will fall asleep or just hangout while I take a shower and get ready. He is very calm when that fan is on. Have you tried having her in the bathroom with you?
  • I shower while the l/o is taking her morning nap, 7-9-ish. Otherwise she cries it out while I'm in the shower. It's fine and I like to think of it as her time to clear her lungs!
  • Before I would leave LO in the living room when I go for a shower but right before I begin to lather my hair she starts to cry. Now I put LO in her bouncer and bring her into the bathroom with me. I think she likes the sound of the running water bc she falls asleep every time we are in there.
  • @ksimo6 Ha ha! I've been there! I only get worried when it is quiet. That's when he's really into something bad.
  • I've started to wash my hair and shave at night. I will bring LO into the bathroom with me...well in the bedroom. She likes to like at my curtains as the away from our ceiling fan. I keep her with me, bc her brothers will also be smothering her to death with hugs if I let her alone. A little bit of crying is okay!
  • I've downloaded a white noise app & turn that on when I'm in the shower. It usually knocks her out, if not it at least calms her down. Sometimes she cries though and just like PP crying is ok as long as you know she is safe.
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    Thanks everyone this has made me feel a lot better about leaving her but I will try bringing her into the bathroom tomorrow and see if it helps. I have no idea how some of you manage with a toddler as well!
  • I also bring the bouncy chair into the bathroom with me, she likes the sound of the water and sometimes I sing while I'm in there, she doesn't fall asleep or cry really but if does start crying I can just assure her with my voice.. I've definitely let her cry for awhile at other things. Babies cry I know she's fine and she knows it too, sometimes I tell her she is being a tad melodramatic and she gives me the greatest look.
  • I bring them in the bathroom with me too. When my first was born, someone gave me the advice to use a clear shower curtain (plastic) and forego the decorative outer curtain for now so you can keep an eye on them. It's better peace of mind for you if you can see them and know they're ok.
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