Feeding a preemie

My little girl got to come home yesterday from the nicu were she always ate great. She had a feeding tube at first but after they took it out she ate great, but now at home she eats but she really doesn't seem to be on a schedule like she was in the nicu even though I try to do it every three hours she only takes it when she wants it. Anyone else having feeding problems?

Re: Feeding a preemie

  • Congrats on getting your LO home! Sorry to hear about your feeding issues. I had two troublesome feeders in the NICU but they thankfully did fine when they got home. Depending on their age/weight, I personally would keep pushing it every 3 hours. Not too forceful but very consistent and patient. And I'd talk to her pedi for other suggestions. Definitely don't want to force her but don't want her losing weight either. Good luck with this - I hope she picks up the pace/amount soon! Congrats again!
  • She has been eating a lot better now. I'm thinking maybe it was the transition from there to home. But she's eating great.
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