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Ok, so many husband just got out in May and is now a contractor ... base is still covering my pregnancy, but my husband is deploying Aug 11 (i'm due Oct 5) I've never had a baby on base, and have no way to get any family onto base with me ... I'm going crazy trying to figure this out by myself.
Any advice?!

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  • If they come with you in the same car you can use your id. Or I know you can use those day passes but you have to fill out some info.
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  • Go to your base visitors center. Get info from them. I suggest getting a pass for whoever is going to the delivery room with you and have them stay with you when you get close to your due date until you go into labor.
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  • thanks ladies ... my military id expired when he finished his contract. I have a contractors id to get myself onto base, but I can't sponsor anyone. Our VC closes at 1530 so if I go into labor any time from 1500 on I still be SOL :/
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