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Mucus plug

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how long does it take after I lose my mucus plug for labor to start? Im 39 weeks an 3 days

Re: Mucus plug

  • It depends on your body. I lost mine at 39w5d and my water broke 6 hours later. My sister lost hers at 38 weeks and was induced at 40 week due to GD. Sometimes it'll recuperate. Mine was tinged with blood and it was a big jelly ball.
  • Your plug can regenerate. It could still be weeks before you go into labor.
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  • I lost mine in pieces a few hours before regular contractions started (I was having random contractions already). It was tinged with blood. I thought I had started losing it a week or so prior, but then I realized that was just heavy discharge. When it's the mucus plug, you know it.
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