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39 week confusion!! HELP!

Hi all! I can't believe we are here! It was an amazing journey! Now for the good stuff. I am due monday Aug 3rd. I have been having a picture perfect pregnancy so these "labor signs" are hard for me to differentiate. In the mornings, I feel completely fine. Like I could go in for months! At night, I feel heavier and a lot more crampy. My "contractions", which I believe are braxton hicks, get closer and a little stronger at night. I lost my mucous plug last Thursday ( 5 days ago) . I guess Im just wondering if I will know when important things are happening. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so things that may not hurt me may be bad for other people. As of last thursday, I was 1 cm dilated also. I know that's not much at all. I am CONSTANTLY in the bathroom. I feel like my bladder can never fully empty. No diarrhea yet. Do you always get it? Sometimes the "contractions" make me a little lightheaded and dizzy but not in a bad way if that makes any sense . Anyone else in the same boat? Not knowing if these "signs" are active labor?  

Re: 39 week confusion!! HELP!

  • I've had all of these signs for weeks now, including the mucus plug. Sounds like you're body is just getting ready still!
  • Thank you for your response <3  I just don't want to be induced!
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  • I didn't have any signs before I went into labor. I just started having contractions. I actually asked to be induced when I was over EDD with my second and third baby. I have big babies lol. I had amazing deliveries. But every woman and pregnancy is different.
  • I lost my mucus plug in one big ball with blood in it on a Wednesday night around 8 pm.. Thursday morning by 3 am my water broke, before hand I had diareah, felt sick, couldn't get comfy. I didn't have any contraction until after my water broke. It's hard to know what labor symptoms you'll have first cause everyone is different !
  • I had zero symptoms before I had my son, unless you call the meltdown I had on his EDD a symptom lol. At 40w2d my water just broke in ikea while i was shopping for a chair. Prior to that I didn't exhibit behavior that would be associated with labor. Like PP said everyone is different...
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