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FTM help! Daycare St. Paul

Hi! Looking for suggestions on how to find a good in home day care person. I know about care.com and parentaware.org but I'm wondering if there are any other great suggestions on newborn daycare. I'm due in January but everyone says to look and book early. We are in the Midway area of St. Paul. Thanks!

Re: FTM help! Daycare St. Paul

  • I don't know any specifically in that area, but people are telling you the right thing. Newborn/infant spots book up FAST and it isn't cheap. Definitely use those sites to find what's in your area. You can filter by type (home, center). You'll want to set up interviews with them all. We have experience with Children's Discovery Academy, but they're expensive and the closest to you would be Little Canada. Our friends like Tutor Time. We now have a nanny that we snagged from the center, which was just luck. Go with your gut when deciding...you have to feel that you can trust these people.
  • Another site to check is NextDoor- it is a community social site/app and I often see this question come up on my community.
  • We live in St.Paul too, and I wasn't able to find a home daycare for my daughter. We ended up in a center and hated it. Eventually, we hired a nanny. It's tough out there! Best wishes. I had heard good things about Karen for Kids near Como, but I wasn't able to get either infant a spot there.
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