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Diaper bag dilemma

Before my daughter was born I purchased the Chelsea skip hop bag,but now that she's here I hate it. I find it's too hard to organize and doesn't fit all of the things I want to carry around for her and I,which isn't much!
I'd love to hear what bags you girls use and love/recommend
I've been looking at the petunia picklebottom boxy and the ju ju be bff and be prepared.

Re: Diaper bag dilemma

  • I have a petunia pickle bottom carry all and love it but frankly we use our Eddie Bauer backpack 99% of the time lol I love having a backpack. Way easier to carry and not so hard on your shoulders
  • I have a Vera Bradley backpack. The greatest thing ever. It's not the roomiest but I find that helps me cut down on any crap, and just bring what I need (diapers wipes change of clothes and my phone keys wallet). Very light.
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  • We have a dad gear backpack. It is boring but fits everything...diapers, wipes, 2 bottles, extra clothes, diaper cream, etc.
  • we are currently just using one of my DH's camera bags, holds a change of clothes, travel pack of wipes, several diapers, 1 or 2 recieving blankets and my wallet (we dont put much else in there)
  • Good thread idea! I have a skip hop too and I'm not a fan. It's impossible to keep organized!
  • We have a Fisher Price back pack diaper bag. Lots of organizational pockets and the back is really cushioned and comfortable. My sister and brother in law had the same one for my niece and really liked it so we got the same one.
  • I got a Skip Hop backpack style diaper bag off Amazon. Love it.
  • I have an Oioi bag and I love it. It can pass as a regular if oversized handbag which I like, and it's pretty roomy. It's a bit heavy, but that's probably partly because I have so much stuff in it - but at least I'm prepared for most situations!

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    I also have a Vera Bradley baby backpack. Love it to death. I agree that's it's not the most spacious. I bought a second for this LO. I make DH carry one and I the other. We look adorable while out and about. XD
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  • Thanks girls for the recommendations! I went today and picked up the ppb boxy,it's a tight fit but I absolutely adore the bag.
    I think the main space culprits are the breast milk bottles/cooler(usually just for longer trips) and my solly wrap! How do you guys store/carry your baby carriers and breastmilk! I'm a first time mom and my mom didn't baby wear or breastfeed so I'm sorry if these questions are a little silly!!
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    I use this bag. It's the perfect size. I keep two bibs, two burp rags, a travel formula holder, 6 diapers, wipes, desitin, extra outfits, gripe water, 3/4 bottles, and an extra receiving blanket in it. http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/catalog/product/320/catid/22/swid/081a/zip-top-organizing-utility-tote-in-bubble-bloom/
  • My bag is from JJ Cole (great deal on Amazon) and I love it. I can fit 2-3 bottles, her formula dispenser, two onesies, two burp cloths, three pacifiers, face wipes, pacifier wipes, a shirt for me, cell phone chargers, gripe water, and the Skip Hop portable changing pad (which itself carries six diapers, wipes, Desitin, and Ziploc baggies for used diapers).

    ...holy crap I overpack.

    I need to fit a flask in there.
  • I use the JuJuBe Be Right Back and LOVE it!!! Every compartment for organization and it's a backpack so easy to carry
  • I have a Fisher Price Quick Finder bag and I LOVE It! I'm a second time mom and went through a couple of bags the first time because they were way too big. This one is perfect and has little symbols for quick organization and retrieval. There's also an insulated spot for bottles and a pocket at the front for my cell phone. I wish I would have had one like this the first time!

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