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The weird stuff

This post may show our motherly insanity but who cares. Let your freak flag fly without judgement. Tell us the weird stuff about parenthood that you actually enjoy or find funny.

I like sucking the boogers out of LO's nose with the bulb haha. It's such a sense of accomplishment when you get them out and LO no longer sounds like a congested pig who snarles/grunts in his sleep. An added bonus, LO doesn't fight me on it either.

Oh and don't even get me started on those little white heads on LO's nose. It takes everything not to try to pop them!
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Re: The weird stuff

  • elizab14 said:

    Don't know why but I burp every time I'm trying to burp her.

    Me too!! Every. Single. Time. Lol
    Me three!
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  • APago said:

    I never thought I'd cheer so loudly over burps and farts! But it's a good feeling when LO passes gas because he's much more comfortable.

    I second the toe and finger lint! I enjoy cleaning between his toes and fingers, gives me a sense of accomplishment! :-??

    Yes! Big farts make me give a sigh of relief, and I absolutely love cleaning between fingers and toes! Wait til you see how fun it is when they start becoming mobile and get more nasty, lol. DD2's fingers/toes are much more satisfying ;)
  • I love it when LO farts, they sound like something that should be coming out of a toddler instead of a 7 week old and I laugh every time

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  • elizab14 said:

    Don't know why but I burp every time I'm trying to burp her.

  • katyqvkatyqv
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    I have to echo the toe and finger lint cleaning. Love that.
  • I have to massage LOs eyes since his tear ducts are blocked. Pediatrician showed me how to do it to get the goop out. It is weirdly satisfying.
  • I love when my girl lets out a big fart when she is crying while changing her or if she sneezes lol I absolutely love when she's done eating and she's has my milk all over her lips and she smacks them for a few's so freakin cute! I love smelling her mouth lol I know it's weird but it smells like her :)
  • ksimo6 said:


    You ladies need to get a Nose Freida... You think the bulb is fun!?! Way more fun when you can see the snot come out! Seriously.

    I have the nose freida.... I love it so much. I agree it's way more fun than the bulb. I giggle every time I use it haha

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  • @paige0704 omg I love smelling my baby's mouth too. So weird! But I'm glad I'm not alone
  • I love smelling his stinky little fingers because they are always in his mouth ...and I always have to wash them a few times a day before his bath at night.. They stink but I always sniff them
  • Not sure if it's cradle cap or just dry skin, but LO has peely skin all over his head. It's almost like when you peel from a sunburn. I just sat on the couch for a good 2 hours peeling it while he slept. I don't know why I have always had this compulsion to pick at stuff and peel off dead skin. My twin sister is the same way and my mom says we're like monkeys picking at lice. I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo.
  • I am a mad nail picker on myself. This also extends to a lesser degree on scabs and pimples and the like. It is taking all of my self control to not pick at LOs nails (or his baby acne). They're so perfect for it, too! Slightly long, softer. I compromise by filing them while he is bfing. And my own nails have gone to even worse a state as I attack my own fingers more because I'm Not. Going. To. Pick. My. Sons. Nails.
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