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Long AF after MC...

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I see all these posts about light, short and heavy cycles.... what about longer AF?
I started bleeding on June 9th. MMC loss occured on June 20th. Bleeding stopped on July 5th. July 17th - AF came and was heavy with small clots (which we knew to expect) for a few days, stopped for a day and then came back but isn't heavy just light to moderate. It's day 10 now.
Anyone else experience this? Its so baffling as I have given birth before and have never had a whacky AF. Just want to know I'm not alone! Thanks for any feedback and am very sorry for everyones losses.

Re: Long AF after MC...

  • Hi love. Sorry for your loss. Lots of love and strength to you.
    My MC began 5th July and I stopped bleeding 21st July.

    I started spotting on 28th July and it got gradually heavier. I've been bleeding heavily since Sunday (9th August). Really, really heavy and lots of clots.
  • Hi! Sorry for your loss too! Thanks for the response.
    Update: First AF lasted 13 days in total. 2nd AF has now started at 3 weeks in instead of 4. Deffinitly all whacky!
  • I just we started my first AF after my D&C and it's super heavy! Like nothing I have ever experience before. I am on day 4 and thought it was finally easing up and then tonight back to heavy bleeding. I have had no real cramping and no clots but i am
    Hoping I don't have to deal with this for more than a week.

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