3rd Trimester

bump pics please !!

I'm 32 weeks & 4days! My due date is September 16th !! It's a baby girl , yay lol I soooooo can't wait to meet her . I'm to excited !! I just get very frustrated when everyone tells me I'm to small to be this far along and all that crap it really discourages me

Re: bump pics please !!

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  • No ones bump looks the same. I carry all out front and by 32 weeks I was twice your size, literally. At 38 weeks I looked like if a thorn touched me I would POP. That was with my first son.
  • This is my belly 5 weeks ago, it has grown a lot since then but people have been asking for months when I will pop and if I am sure there is just one baby in there. I have another 8 weeks to go, eek!

    I let my 6 year old son paint hearts on my belly LoL it was fun.

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  • @Primerosemama . Okay , you really didn't have to comment you could've saved the negativity to yourself child , cause for one . It's just curiosity , to see different people sizes from mine and due round the same time . For 2 they are NOT my underwear , those are def my night shorts , I have much more respect than to post that on ANYTHING so like I said , if you was gone say some negative then don't comment on my stuff at all. .
  • This was last weekend. I was 34 weeks
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