3rd Trimester

Who is in delivery room?

How many first time moms wanted their mom in the room with them in addition to husband?

Re: Who is in delivery room?

  • I don't. My mom lives 4 hours away anyway, but even if she was in town I would just want my husband for delivery.
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  • My mom was with my for my first because my DH wasn't able to be there. As much as I appreciate her stepping up when I needed her, I much prefer just having my DH there. That's what we did with out second, and it was an all around better experience. We're pregnant with our third and plan to have more after this, and we will always keep it with just DH and I.
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  • Only hubby was in the room with me for my first. We plan to do the same thing this time. We skyped immediately after but she didn't meet the baby until later.
  • My mom was only there in the delivery room for my my first pregnancy because my husband was deployed. But my husband was only there with me with my other two deliveries. I preferred only to have my husband there even though I was grateful to have my mom there with me.
  • I'm due my first baby on the 24th and am having my fiancé and my mum both there. Its my mums first grandchild so thought it would be nice plus I'm pretty sure she will calm me down better as she has done it five times whereas me and fiancé have no idea what to expect. Next time it will just be me and fiancé though I expect :) x
  • I'm having my mum and my BFF and really excited about them both being there.
  • Hellllllllllllll no.
  • I would be one miserable person if my mom was in the room with me! I love her dearly but she would drive me crazy. My husband will be the only one in the delivery room with me.
  • Just me and my husband... I wouldn't dream of having my mom in the room. 
  • My mom was given strict instructions that it was to be hubby and I only, and she still tried to come in. I made hubby kick her out immediately.
  • My sister is getting hurt when I told her I don't want her in the delivery room. So I lied that the doctor only allows one visitor and I want that to be my partner. Npw she says she will wait right outside and run in as soon as the baby arrives! Don't want to hurt her more, but I really don't want her around.
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