3rd Trimester

How do I tell when Im in labor?

Seriously, I am beyond uncomfortable, my lower & upper back are so tight. The pain is just awful. I am very overwhelmed. I have dropped every single thing I have picked up today. Im swollen. . everywhere. Hot flashes are taking over my life. I can't tell if Im having braxton hicks or actual contractions. I can't get through to my doctors office. (not that they have been much help anyway.)

Re: How do I tell when Im in labor?

  • With me I just knew... it's hard to explain bc there's no universal sign. I will say it's nothing like tv so don't use that as your only reference.

    I was at ikea when my water broke. Prior to that I had no pain or discomfort, just the normal relentless urge to pee. At that point (40w2d) a little pee would always squirt out so I thought nothing of it until I started walking towards the bathroom. It was about 50 steps but by step 10 I said to myself this feels different. It felt very surreal like my body was transforming and became very alert. By the time I made it to the bathroom I said this might be water, and sure enough it was bc after I felt my bladder empty liquid was still flowing. I came out the bathroom and told my dad and he started cursing me out lol!

    I wasn't in pain or swollen, I just had wet pants. So much to my father's horror I bought my chair and blanket (I had to pass checkout to leave so why not!), dropped him off, and hubby and I made it to the hospital with plenty of time. Even when I was in labor, prior to the pitocin, I didn't feel pain or anything you're describing.

    If it's hot by you maybe drink some cold water and lay down (I know lame advice lol). Maybe an ice pack, massage or acupuncture will help alleviate the back pain. If nothing changes and you dr isn't answering go to L&D and have them take a look.

    Good luck!
  • The difference between BH and real contractions are, BH will be irregular and uncomfortable. Real contractions are regular and get closer together/more intense as time goes on. If you feel like you may be in labor, you need to call you Ob or go to the ER.
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  • If your having regular contractions YOULL KNOW !! They will be rhythmic, and get closer and stronger, you won't be able to do anything during a contraction.
  • This is a sucky answer, but as PP said-- you won't have to ask. You'll know.

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